DC Cops Blaring Sirens For No Reason (Other Than Phakery)

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:55 PM, TOXI COM mike@toxi.com wrote: Ditto. Last night, the first night of Maryland’s less-than-voluntary “lockdown” (meaning Md.’s gov has apparently authorized cops to stop and ticket, $5k fine), there were numerous cops all driving around with sirens blaring; same with fire engines, ambulances. This was a starkly noticeable change […]

Visit Hospitals, Verify Pandemic Overflow — But Find Zilch, Nobody, Nada

Thank you to Sandra and Jeanice.  Sandra might also wish to document the report from the UK that ambulance drivers received instructions to play their sirens for no reason.  I am in Vienna, Austria, and I hear sirens occasionally (before you heard them frequently) – but the point is, there is now no traffic here […]