5G – Coronavirus Briefing 28 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 28 April 2020* */As the plannedemic plot thickens, so the resistance strengthens/* *Once again, there is a lot of information here on all aspects of the developing conspiracy by the kleptocratic elites to suppress humanity and carry out their intended population cull.  But they […]

Data analysis – Magda Havas – Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher in US states with 5G

Dear all From 22 April: Environmental Health trust – Magda Havas: magdahavas.com/is-there-an-association-between-covid-19-cases-deaths-and-5g-in-the-united-states/ The average (mean) number of covid-19 tests per 1 million people is similar for the *have* (with 5G) and *have not* (without 5G) *states*.  *Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher* and *covid-19 deaths per million are 126% higher* in states with 5G.  […]


Here is where you can find out all about the hijack by the globalists: Claire Edwards: Hijack of 5G Space Appeal, Depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 and Climate Change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC1Z7Fo5mgk Claire Edwards: The End of the 5G Space Appeal and the Beginning of the Real Stop 5G Movement: piotrbein.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/claire-edwards-the-end-of-the-5g-space-appeal-and-the-beginning-of-the-real-stop-5g-movement/ ALERT Co-option of the 5G Space Appeal to collectivise stop […]

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 19 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 19 April 2020* */All aboard the ship of fools/* * *The lunatics have taken over the asylum.  A UK minister cries crocodile tears over a 13-year-old boy who appears to have died of “Coronavirus” multiple times under multiple names in mulitple countries. Spain proposes […]

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 17 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 17 April 2020* */The globalists’ coronavirus scam continues apace, but so does exposure of the truth/* * *The coronavirus conspiracy proceeds apace, with the globalists advancing their agenda as the days go by.  Two self-appointed “spiritual leaders” from Deepak Chopra’s Club of Rome/Budapest-inspired Evolutionary […]

5G – Coronavirus Briefing 15 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing 15 April 2020* There is once again a lot of material here, including on paedophilia, the vaccine agenda, and the massive abuse that people are hurling at the unelected multibillionaire depopulationist dictator Bill Gates.  Doctors continue to speak out and explain carefully what is […]

BREAKING – David Rodriguez comes forward with Info on Pedophile Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome, and the Awakening

www.fort-russ.com/2020/04/rodriguez-comes-forward-with-info-on-pedophile-human-trafficking-adrenochrome-and-the-awakening/ <www.fort-russ.com/2020/04/rodriguez-comes-forward-with-info-on-pedophile-human-trafficking-adrenochrome-and-the-awakening/> Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 00.38.17.png