Visit Hospitals, Verify Pandemic Overflow — But Find Zilch, Nobody, Nada

Thank you to Sandra and Jeanice.  Sandra might also wish to document the report from the UK that ambulance drivers received instructions to play their sirens for no reason.  I am in Vienna, Austria, and I hear sirens occasionally (before you heard them frequently) – but the point is, there is now no traffic here that would justify needing to use a siren!
I would also like to take this opportunity to alert you to a MEDITATION this coming weekend.  They are aiming for 1 million participants.  I am attaching their document and you can also go to:  Since it is rumoured that the Internet will be cut off in the coming days, it might be wise to download the document and print it.
Best wishes to all!
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I’ve compiled a master list of videos with citizens going out and fact checking the lying MSM. I’ve also included comments from people talking about what they’ve seen at their local hospitals, as well as comments about not knowing anyone with the scary virus. Also posted here  (I will continue to add them there as I find them)
Although the MSM is saying that we are in the middle of a medical crisis and that hospitals are war zones, with bodies piling up, and ambulances racing in with more patients, doctors exhausted, that it NOT what these citizens found when they checked out their local hospitals.  They found that the hospitals were ghost town, no patients anywhere, lots and lots of ambulances parked and doing nothing, EMTs hanging out doing nothing, no sense of urgency, no ambulances racing in with patients–The MSM is LYING!!!
Also, please note–in one of the Jason Goodman videos, he follows up on a NYT story w/Dr. Colleen Smith, who reported that the scene at Elmhurst Hospital was “apocalyptic” yet that’s not what Jason sees.  Anyway, the major point is that Dr. Colleen Smith is a self-proclaimed expert in MEDICAL SIMULATION–does that mean MEDICAL FAKERY???
Please share– we need to wake up the sheep asap!
Heroic Citizens Going to Local Hospitals and Fact-Checking the LYING MSM

Nothing is going on, quiet, no ambulances racing in, empty, nothing happening…It’s all BS!!!! The MSM is giving the impression that hospitals are war zone, bodies are piling up, we are in the medical crisis of our lives, yet when these people visit their local hospitals, NOTHING is happening, they are ghost towns!! Tons of ambulances just sitting their parked, EMTs hanging out and playing with their phones, etc,Jason Goodman- NYC Man Searches NYC Hospital for CV-19 Patients, Can’t Find Any??
“It’s odd that in a city as big as NYC, in the midst of a pandemic, a key hospital looks quiet and employees haven’t seen any victims” hospital with empty quarantine tents

I Went To Various Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms In My Area *MIRRORED

Corona Virus : Peter Dickman is Calling Hospitals to find Corona Patients
Man in Amsterdam calls hospitals for CV-19 patients, comes up empty

Pandemic Hunting! Hospital or Ghost Town?
Guy goes through a Canadian corolla virus hospital, best hospital vid yet, it’s a ghost town. Where all the people dying??

Vorona Cirus EMPTY Hospital Check ups EXPOSE the LIE. (it says “verona” and not “corona” b/c of the censors)
Empty Hospitals are visited in Arizona, UK, Brooklyn NY, New Jersey, and Canada. and get involved. PLEASE Take video of YOUR Local EMPTY Hospital and email it to me at We MUST WAKE the ZOMBIES.
Now, this video is a collection of videos taking by other youtubers. This video also includes some dancing nurses—do you remember after one of the shooting hoaxes, they had cops (or somebody dancing)?? Also shows a woman going to those outside tents set up b/c “the hospitals were overflowing with people who wanted to be tested” and she looks inside and the tents are empty (which is what I suspected–outside tents as Hollywood touch, to push the fear and good photo ops to create the illusion of a medical crisis)

Looks like an excuse for martial Law.“The #mainstreammedia and @DNC want you to believe our NYC hospitals are war zones. Well – this is my local brooklyn hospital

CORONA HOAX LIES PROVED. Mainstream Media Lying about ‘overwhelmed emergency centres’.
See for yourself, from Ireland to NY Brooklyn – hospital emergencies dead quiet and empty:

Gemma O’Doherty@gemmaod1#Coronavirus is having an incredible impact on Emergency Depts in Dublin which seem suspiciously quiet. Another video emerges showing an empty St Vincent’s and an employee who seems uncomfortable discussing #Coronavirus. Why?This is the empty emergency room of St Vincent hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The nation is shut down because it is apparently overwhelmed with the CV.
Brooklyn, NYC
ER doctors are claiming ER rooms are a disaster with triage patients lining up outside exposed to the elements waiting for hours… Outside the war zone hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Where is the overflowing crisis justifying the destruction of freedom and millions of jobs and small businesses?

Here’s Jason Goodman fact-checking the lying NYT: 

He’s following up NYT story, where Dr. Colleen Smith claimed “apocalyptic conditions” at Elmhurst hospital, bodies in refrigerator trucks and that hospital ran out of respirators, yet Head of NYC public hospitals said Elmhurst has never come close to running out of respirators. (*** also, this LYING NYT article w/Dr. Colleen Smith making stuff up, was picked up by news outlets around the world)

Most important info:

***Dr. Colleen Smith is a self-proclaimed medical simulation specialist (does that mean doing simulations and fakery??)

Ghost Town NYC – Are New York Times Lies Fueling Pandemic Panic with #FakeNews?

I took notes posted here***Key take away, they are claiming medical crisis, yet nothing is going on, lots of ambulance parked doing nothing, no sirens, no ambulances racing in, etc.

Dr. Colleen Smith took video tape of ICU and ER (isn’t that illegal, HIPAA violation? should she lose her license for that, other doctors shocked by that). (That’s been my question all along: how is the MSM getting all of these videos and photos of alleged corona patients? Isn’t that a violation of their privacy and HIPAA? If you were really sick, would you want to be filmed for the world?)
Apparently, Dr. Colleen Smith is a SELF-PROCLAIMED MEDICAL SIMULATIONS SPECIALIST (medical fakery), so Jason asks was she doing a medical simulation? was she acting when she said Elmhurst was running out of ventilators, which was contradicted by Head of NYC public Hospitals.

*** Also, FWIW, Jason noticed that the NYT took Dr. Colleen Smith’s photo outside the hospital, he says they could have taken it anywhere, but they chose to have her on a certain street corner outside the hospital, with “New Taste” Chinese food restaurant sign over her shoulder, and with New Taste being on Corona Street (that’s the kind of crap the MSM likes to do)

Comments on y/t:

viclloyd1- I was just in the ER of a large hospital in Orlando when my son’s baby was being born. We arrived in the night time when regular Dr offices would be closed and there was NO ONE in the ER. It was dead. No emergency vehicles arriving no one waiting to be tested , no one with a and advanced respiratory flu. No one.

The Minas Parable -44,000 patients in NY and Jason can’t get a single confirmation

Vacation Profits- I’ve scoped out my local hospital and they are dead, practically empty parking lots/parking garage, no emergencies ie. Ambulances. In normal times, these places are always busy.

OneHourShower -I work at a hospital and it’s completely empty. They are cutting our hours and won’t let us even go near our own coworkers.

Harmony Island -6 minutes in – PLENTY of ventilators ready for use in NYC hospital! Tons of empty parking spaces. NO ONE at the main entrance or ER entrance… WHERE is the pandemic crowd of patients? What is going on? Could it be…. FAKE NEWS??!! Hmm…..

And check out another Jason Goodman video at 20:29 here and see the disconnect between what the LYING WHORE on the MSM are saying and what’s really happening on the ground (Jason’s y/t shows a bunch of ambulances parked and doing NOTHING!!!)

More citizen reports…
ta daaaaa! toldya. I work in an ER and ICU. and I know many many nurses and doctors over this country. i was a travel nurse for many years. i have two MDs in my direct family.
Look to WHY something as drastic as instituting a global police state is necessary in the minds of people who thought up things like waterboarding, the Patriot Act, 9/11, Afghanistan for 27 years, Iraq and mushroom clouds, Banker Bailouts.

Fiscal Reality – News from Manatee County, FL drive through facility yesterday. No lines. No panic. No interest. Government “official” SHOCKED at the lack of response and desire for drive through testing. Couldn’t understand why. The BS narrative is collapsing.

Kbo hip- Here in Colorado I know a guy who’s a nurse at the local hospital. He had his hours cut back this week by three days. Take that REAL info for whatever it’s worth but it seems the local hospital here at least isn’t exactly swimming in coronavirus victims.

Time to get Huge- 2 sources I’ve heard said hospitals are empty…..

Comments about Local Hospitals

BreeZ Place – 3 hours ago Our hospitals are NOT Overrun here in Spokane WA. In fact, the only issue is mask shortage but that’s it. This is the biggest Psy-op in history.

Anthony Leydens – 2 hours ago Same thing in iowa. Hospitals look like ghost towns. Its 70% less full than it was before this whole deal.

Goodnews Bear- 2 hours ago It’s the same here in southern Illinois hospitals. My family in northern California says the same thing. I’ve been telling my family and friends it’s just to install fear in people. Most don’t listen, one said “why would they lie?”. Why indeed!

Carry The Torch -49 minutes ago I’m by Olympia. Not really anything going on here. I saw a few military rigs and some DHS by the base, but that’s it. Fear based mind control is the goal. Pretty obvious.

Scorpio -I was talking with a buddy of mine in Philly yesterday, he said that he talked to an ER nurse the other day and she said that the hospitals are empty. He drove by one of the major hospitals – ghost town!



ActionJacksonbrownie- A doctor on a chainsaws forum (yes, some doctors use chainsaws at home) stated this week that he and his local association of doctors were responsible for over 1000 hospital beds. They had not seen a single “virus” patient to date. (((who))) owns the msm What is (((their))) agenda

Warmblood- I think if everyone asks all their friends, family, co-workers, business contacts, etc., if they know anyone with Coronavirus, you’ll get a pretty accurate feel for the real data. I live in NC but I come from NY and my family has many relatives, friends and business contacts in NYC, Queens, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk, and none of them know anyone with the virus.

Below is what I’ve been thinking they have been doing to increase the numbers of deaths from corona (claiming that elderly who died of old age died of corona) (Yes, I’m saying they are LYING)


Geocentrist- Was speaking with a guy yesterday. He was telling me his wife knew two people who each had one of their grandparents pass away recently. Both had been “on the edge” and infirmed for quite a while. Covid-19 was automatically listed as their cause of death, in fact, he said the family of one of them actually called them out on listing it as the cause of death, since they had basically no contact with anyone, apparently it caused a bit of furor. Sounds like they are creating numbers.

Fakery and lying here Check out Camelot Daily here exposing the media and this female CEO of Urgent Care in a Hawaii facility lying about long lines of people getting test for the CV. He shows up and there is nobody in line at all, empty parking lot, and he calls her out and she assaults him while the police are present.

Jason Goodman, Again Fact-Checking the LYING NYT

This Jason Goodman y/t is on the tails of the NY Post and Zio-Hedge running fear porn stories about a make shift morgue outside of Belview Hospital. This guy Jason did some real journalism, walked around looking for the make shift morgue, talked to some EMT guys (even one had a duping delight smile!!!), pretty much nothing going on, lots of ambulances parked, guys all relaxed, hanging out, no activity going on at all. I did not hear any sirens of ambulances:

Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New York City’s East Side?

At 25 min, he’s by the hospital says there’s almost nobody here, and he says the cops don’t want cameras near the hospital, sees Emergency entrance, but NO ambulances rushing in with patients, at 26 min doesn’t see the morgue tents the NY post is talking about, 35 min, some kind of open white tent with nothing going on, 37 min, talks to some guy by an ambulance, “why did they wait to call you back, this is the biggest story in the world, according to the Governor, everybody is dying of a pandemic, you guys witness that? You look like you are hanging out texting (LOL!!!), are there hundreds of people dying in the hospital, they say one person dying every hour, so that would be 24 a day, I see 6, 7, 8 ambulances right here, don’t you think there should be a lot of people running around here (completely quiet there, nothing happening, definitely no sense of medical urgency).”

A new EMT guy approaches, Jason asks you seen a lot of corona patients? Probably (slight duping delight smile!!!), you’re standing a few feet away from me, not wearing a mask, not wearing rubber gloves, then “Oh when we get patients we do” (yet all those ambulances lined up there, nothing happening). At 39 min, where is this makeshift morgue outside of Bellview that NY post was talking about? Have you heard about a make shift morgue? Guys shake their heads “no,” don’t you think EMTs should know about a makeshift morgue? Sees a new guy, asks what do you know about a make shift morgue, 40 min guy admits there’s no morgue over there, then EMT guy says they are getting many more calls than usual (yet all those ambulances are parked there doing nothing), 45 still looking for the outside morgue tent…(I got bored and didn’t listen further)

Comment in chat w/video:

IamClaytonium Corbizer My sons a nurse in California no patience confirm with corona hoax

They Live You Sleep Acute respiratory illness = chest cold. Medical worker here….Not seeing any unusual increase in 4 city hospitals

Jeff Taylor Been working at a old folks home with thousands of residents…0 cases…talked to a nurse who does home rounds for the elderly…0 cases

More tricks and deception…

From Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New York City’s East Side?

Adr- I have an update. The husband of one of my mom’s friends who died of heart failure on Wednesday, he was 75 and already dying, didn’t actually die of Covid-19. They had given him a test that had returned a positive result. Even though he was already dying of heart failure, they marked his cause of death as Covid-19 and added him to the state total. Since none of his close contacts tested positive, they retested his body for Covid. The test came back negative. Cause of death is now listed as heart failure. The state has not reduced the Covid death stat by one as of right now. That wouldn’t look good. Nor would a story of doctors being so very wrong. I wonder how many deaths have followed that same pattern?

Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New York City’s E…

The New York Post is reporting that “Members of the military seem to be setting up a temporary morgue”. This sto…

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