It’s a global agenda so take note of what is happening in Italy / C’est un programme mondial, alors prenez note de ce qui se passe en Italie / Es ist eine globale Agenda, also nehmen Sie zur Kenntnis, was in Italien passiert

MARIO DRAGHI IS ABOUT TO ESTABLISH A MARXIST DICTATORSHIP IN ITALY JUNE 23, 2021 EDITOR LEAVE A COMMENT by Br. Alexis  Bugnolo Mario Draghi is about to become dictator for life, in Italy, in my opinion. And here are the steps by which he will make it happen, according to my sources. First, he […]

Fasten your seat belts: the truth is coming out / Attachez vos ceintures : la vérité éclate au grand jour / Schnallen Sie sich an: Die Wahrheit kommt ans Licht

Go to and click on the images to watch the videos Dr. Sevillano on magnetofection, 20.6.21 (5 minutes) Amazing Polly: Magnetic nanoparticles in the injections, masks and swabs, 17.6.21 (42 minutes) Why the vaxxed are acting strange, 22.6.21 (19 minutes) Pharmacist tells vaccine horror stories. CVS Pharmacy pays $6,500 a week to euthanize people, 16.6.21 (63 minutes) […]

Mushrooms, bacteria and graphene to produce electricity

Magnetofection: Big Pharma Injecting Graphene Oxide As Adjuvant In COVID Jabs!: Coronavirus masks containing graphene should not be sold, Canadian health authorities say: Warnings Over Masks That Contain Graphene: Excerpt from “End of the Road for the Germ Theory” by Fergus Frank, 9.5.21: In the late 1920s, Royal Raymond Rife invented a microscope called the […]

A selection of international instruments showing the illegality of what is happening: space and neuro-rights are of particular concern / Une sélection d’instruments internationaux : le droit de l’espace et les droits neurologiques sont particulièrement préoccupants / Eine Auswahl an internationalen Instrumenten: Weltraumrecht und neurologische Rechte sind besonders besorgniserregend

INTERNATIONAL LAW MICROWAVE RADIATION, HUMAN HEALTH, BIOETHICS, HUMAN RIGHTS – INCLUDING NEURO-RIGHTS – PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE AND NATURAL HABITATS, WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, 5G & 5G SATELLITES, SPACE Ever since “Covid” started, it has been obvious to me that everything that governments are currently doing as part of the “Covid” agenda is wholly illegal.  In order […]

The magnetofection conspiracy unravels,​ 17 June 2021 Bingo!  The conspiracy to commit genocide through the “Covid” scam unravels day by day.  Now we find out that the crook who made the fake “Covid” PCR test shares the same address with a company that may be responsible for causing people to become magnetic by supplying products not intended for human use to […]

Versión en español – Transcript: UK Doctor – The Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines” and Genocide, 10.6.21 / Transcript Médecin britannique – Les “vaccins” expérimentaux Covid-19 et le génocide / Transcript Britische Ärztin- Experimentelle Covid-19 “Impfstoffe” und Genozid

Transcripción Médico del Reino Unido- Las vacunas experimentales de Covid-19 y el genocidio:–genocide.html  Descargar PDF: Transcripción Médico del Reino Unido – Las “vacunas” experimentales de Covid-19 y el genocidio ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ On Monday, June 14th, 2021 at 20:15, Stop5GAppeal <; wrote:

4 items of news on vaxxenations

Click on images at for this information Member of parliament in Finland warns government that they are guilty of genocide for misleading public on Covid-19 injections, 16.6.21 Share of people vaxxenated against Covid-19, 14.6.21 Almost a third of patients who died after catching Indian ‘delta’ variant had both jabs as fears of third wave grow, 13.6.21 […]

4 must-watch videos on vaxxines (including Eric Clapton)

These are four must-watch videos: Dr. T makes the connection among vaxx nanoparticles, 5G/wireless tech & genocide Jon Rappaport connects the vaxx & depopulation Mike Yeadon comprehensively explains why the vaxx are killers & all governments & their scientific advisers are mass murderers Eric Clapton speaks as a thinking and caring human being with a  […]

AEVA event: Cry of the Mothers – Claire Edwards – a different kind of campaign talk This is a different type of campaign talk – it’s a mother’s expression of grief Recorded in January 2021, published in June 2021 Credits to AEVA – Woman Earth Soul channel | 21/05/2021 Claire Edwards – Cry of the Mother’s: As part of AEVA’s Cry of the Mothers, Claire Edwards expressed her grief at […]

Conversations with Claire 3: Hominine – a geopolitical thriller by Lewis Evans

Conversations with Claire 3: Hominine – a geopolitical thriller by Lewis Evans How do we birth our new paradigm? How do we visualise it? What will it look and feel like? How will we live it? How do we get from here to there? Where do we start? In a series of conversations, […]