This may be an important warning… Turn off your cellphone Wed. 8/10 at night until Fri 8/12 morning, if you have one.

Verbatim from a colleague in the US – below. I agree – no one should have a cell/mobile phone and if anyone on this list is stupid enough to have been jabbed, which I think is impossible, then you are allowing yourself to be an easy target since you are now full of graphene oxide […]

A glimpse into the coming dystopia – if we don’t stop it

A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Child ByStephen McMurray – August 7, 2022. Mandatory Daily Status Report by Eco Sky – July 12 2035 WOKE up this morning to another beautiful grey sky. The Weather Protection Force had obviously done another great job. That’s what I want to be when I leave school – […]

UK supermarket chain using facial recognition software used in Chinese concentration camps

Legal Complaint Filed Against Co-Op’s “Orwellian” Facial Recognition A major UK supermarket has rolled out facial recognition software in its stores, the same Chinese software used in Chinese concentration camps, so that they can blacklist any shoppers they don’t like the look of.  Would those be the ones not obediently using the self-checkouts and still […]