ICU spikes correspond to 5G turn-ons

Dear Toxi Com

This is essential information – exactly what is needed.  Please find
attached a summary of Arthur Firstenberg’s Invisible Rainbow: A History
of Electricity and Life, which is available in eight languages currently
(links provided).  This has been widely disseminated across the world
but still needs to reach more people.  If people want to buy the book
itself, which of course has full references and graphs, it is now
available from Chelsea Green in paperback.

I produced the below map of cases in Italy corresponding to 4G and 5G
antennas.  It should be noted that Italy has boasted of being one year
ahead of other countries in the 5G rollout.

Many thanks!


Composite map – data from
cases, 9 March) and
antennas are 4G rather than 5G, but see 5G antenna maps of Italian
cities below)  Note: this map is indicative only as the nperf website
allows only one telco’s antennas to be displayed at any one time.

Interaction Italy – antennas & coronavirus cases .png

Italy 5G 2.4.20 Bologna Milan Naples Rome Turin.png

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Each one of those “spikes” at 11:20 into video corresponds to the spikes
of turn-ons of Elon Musk’s STARLINK 5G blaster satellites, 60 new
satellites per Space-X launch.
Each new turn-on will cause blasting of more and more people with
microwave radiation, causing more and more “corona” deaths.
See Firstenberg’s INVISIBLE RAINBOW book which correlates past turn-on’s
(radio, RADAR, satellites, now 5G) immediately followed by pandemic

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