If the “5G as Causal to CV” were such baloney, then all the details wouldn’t make such perfect sense —– 5G “hotspots” and the coverstory / scapegoat that is COVID / CORONA

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> “I witnessed these type of presentations when treating methemoglobinemia
> years ago as the hem rings are altered from Fe2+ to Fe3+ and not able to
> facilitate the CO2-O2 transfer. Toxic gases such as phosgene caused this
> & is what I treated back then with methyl blue in a kit to reverse what
> is essentially the patient suffocating at the cellular level or from
> inside of the body out. Well, the 5G millimeter frequency essentially
> causes the exact same pathology by hyper O2 molecule electron rotation
> blocking O2 transfer to the cells. Suffocating the patient from the
> cellular level or inside out. This Dr. is spot on with his observations.
> He simply is not aware of the effects of 5G.”
> toxi.com/blogs/5e8a3609789e5238617fd0d3

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