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>>> I’ve compiled a master list of videos with citizens going
>>> out and fact checking the lying MSM. I’ve also included
>>> comments from people talking about what they’ve seen at
>>> their local hospitals, as well as comments about not knowing
>>> anyone with the scary virus. Also posted
>>> here
>>> <
>>> (I will continue to add them there as I find them)
>>> Although the MSM is saying that we are in the middle of a
>>> medical crisis and that hospitals are war zones, with bodies
>>> piling up, and ambulances racing in with more patients,
>>> doctors exhausted, that it NOT what these citizens found
>>> when they checked out their local hospitals.  They found
>>> that the hospitals were ghost town, no patients anywhere,
>>> lots and lots of ambulances parked and doing nothing, EMTs
>>> hanging out doing nothing, no sense of urgency, no
>>> ambulances racing in with patients–The MSM is LYING!!!
>>> Also, please note–in one of the Jason Goodman videos, he
>>> follows up on a NYT story w/Dr. Colleen Smith, who reported
>>> that the scene at Elmhurst Hospital was “apocalyptic” yet
>>> that’s not what Jason sees.  Anyway, the major point is that
>>> Dr. Colleen Smith is a self-proclaimed expert in MEDICAL
>>> SIMULATION–does that mean MEDICAL FAKERY???
>>> Please share– we need to wake up the sheep asap!
>>> *Heroic Citizens Going to Local Hospitals and Fact-Checking
>>> the LYING MSM*
>>> *
>>> *Nothing is going on, quiet, no ambulances racing in,
>>> empty, nothing happening…It’s all BS!!!! The MSM is
>>> giving the impression that hospitals are war zone,
>>> bodies are piling up, we are in the medical crisis of
>>> our lives, yet when these people visit their local
>>> hospitals, NOTHING is happening, they are ghost towns!!
>>> Tons of ambulances just sitting their parked, EMTs
>>> hanging out and playing with their phones, etc, 
>>> *Jason Goodman- NYC Man Searches NYC Hospital for CV-19
>>> Patients, Can’t Find Any??*
>>> “It’s odd that in a city as big as NYC, in the midst of
>>> a pandemic, a key hospital looks quiet and employees
>>> haven’t seen any victims”
>>> *Emanuel hospital with empty quarantine tents*
>>> *I Went To Various Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and
>>> Emergency Rooms In My Area *MIRRORED*
>>> *Corona Virus : Peter Dickman is Calling Hospitals to
>>> find Corona Patients*
>>> Man in Amsterdam calls hospitals for CV-19 patients,
>>> comes up empty
>>> *Pandemic Hunting! Hospital or Ghost Town?*
>>> Guy goes through a Canadian corolla virus hospital, best
>>> hospital vid yet, it’s a ghost town. Where all the
>>> people dying??
>>> *Vorona Cirus EMPTY Hospital Check ups EXPOSE the LIE*.
>>> (it says “verona” and not “corona” b/c of the censors)
>>> Empty Hospitals are visited in Arizona, UK, Brooklyn NY,
>>> New Jersey, and Canada.
>>> <> and get involved. PLEASE Take
>>> video of YOUR Local EMPTY Hospital and email it to me
>>> at <> We
>>> Now, this video is a collection of videos taking by
>>> other youtubers. This video also includes some dancing
>>> nurses—do you remember after one of the shooting
>>> hoaxes, they had cops (or somebody dancing)?? Also shows
>>> a woman going to those outside tents set up b/c “the
>>> hospitals were overflowing with people who wanted to be
>>> tested” and she looks inside and the tents are empty
>>> (which is what I suspected–outside tents as Hollywood
>>> touch, to push the fear and good photo ops to create the
>>> illusion of a medical crisis)
>>> AMERICAN@DeplorableMe357
>>> Looks like an excuse for martial Law.“The
>>> #mainstreammedia and @DNC want you to believe our NYC
>>> hospitals are war zones. Well – this is my local
>>> brooklyn hospital
>>> *CORONA HOAX LIES PROVED. Mainstream Media Lying about
>>> ‘overwhelmed emergency centres’.*
>>> See for yourself, from Ireland to NY Brooklyn – hospital
>>> emergencies dead quiet and empty:
>>> Gemma O’Doherty@gemmaod1
>>> #Coronavirus
>>> <> is
>>> having an incredible impact on Emergency Depts in Dublin
>>> which seem suspiciously quiet. Another video emerges
>>> showing an empty St Vincent’s and an employee who seems
>>> uncomfortable discussing #Coronavirus
>>> <>.
>>> Why?This is the empty emergency room of St Vincent
>>> hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The nation is shut down
>>> because it is apparently overwhelmed with the CV.
>>> Brooklyn, NYC
>>> ER doctors are claiming ER rooms are a disaster with
>>> triage patients lining up outside exposed to the
>>> elements waiting for hours… Outside the war zone
>>> hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Where is the overflowing
>>> crisis justifying the destruction of freedom and
>>> millions of jobs and small businesses?
>>> <
>>> *Here’s Jason Goodman fact-checking the lying NYT: *
>>> He’s following up NYT story, where Dr. Colleen Smith claimed
>>> “apocalyptic conditions” at Elmhurst hospital, bodies in
>>> refrigerator trucks and that hospital ran out of
>>> respirators, *yet Head of NYC public hospitals said Elmhurst
>>> has never come close to running out of respirators. *(***
>>> also, this LYING NYT article w/Dr. Colleen Smith making
>>> stuff up, was picked up by news outlets around the world)
>>> *Most important info:*
>>> ****Dr. Colleen Smith is a self-proclaimed _medical
>>> simulation specialist_ (does that mean doing simulations and
>>> fakery??)*
>>> *Ghost Town NYC – Are New York Times Lies Fueling Pandemic
>>> Panic with #FakeNews?* 
>>> I took notes posted
>>> here
>>> <>
>>> ****Key take away, they are claiming medical crisis, yet
>>> nothing is going on, lots of ambulance parked doing nothing,
>>> no sirens, no ambulances racing in, etc.*
>>> Dr. Colleen Smith took video tape of ICU and ER (isn’t that
>>> illegal, HIPAA violation? should she lose her license for
>>> that, other doctors shocked by that). (That’s been my
>>> question all along: how is the MSM getting all of these
>>> videos and photos of alleged corona patients? Isn’t that a
>>> violation of their privacy and HIPAA? If you were really
>>> sick, would you want to be filmed for the world?)
>>> Apparently, *Dr. Colleen Smith is a SELF-PROCLAIMED MEDICAL
>>> SIMULATIONS SPECIALIST (medical fakery), so Jason asks was
>>> she doing a medical simulation? was she acting when she said
>>> Elmhurst was running out of ventilators*, which was
>>> contradicted by Head of NYC public Hospitals.
>>> *** Also, FWIW, Jason noticed that the NYT took Dr. Colleen
>>> Smith’s photo outside the hospital, he says they could have
>>> taken it anywhere, but they chose to have her on a certain
>>> street corner outside the hospital, with “New Taste” Chinese
>>> food restaurant sign over her shoulder, and with New Taste
>>> being on Corona Street (that’s the kind of crap the MSM
>>> likes to do)
>>> Comments on y/t:
>>> viclloyd1- I was just in the ER of a large hospital in
>>> Orlando when my son’s baby was being born. We arrived in the
>>> night time when regular Dr offices would be closed and there
>>> was NO ONE in the ER. It was dead. No emergency vehicles
>>> arriving no one waiting to be tested , no one with a and
>>> advanced respiratory flu. No one.
>>> The Minas Parable -44,000 patients in NY and Jason can’t get
>>> a single confirmation
>>> Vacation Profits- I’ve scoped out my local hospital and they
>>> are dead, practically empty parking lots/parking garage, no
>>> emergencies ie. Ambulances. In normal times, these places
>>> are always busy.
>>> OneHourShower -I work at a hospital and it’s completely
>>> empty. They are cutting our hours and won’t let us even go
>>> near our own coworkers.
>>> Harmony Island -6 minutes in – PLENTY of ventilators ready
>>> for use in NYC hospital! Tons of empty parking spaces. NO
>>> ONE at the main entrance or ER entrance… WHERE is the
>>> pandemic crowd of patients? What is going on? Could it
>>> be…. FAKE NEWS??!! Hmm…..
>>> And check out another Jason Goodman video at 20:29 here and
>>> see the disconnect between what the LYING WHORE on the MSM
>>> are saying and what’s really happening on the ground
>>> (Jason’s y/t shows a bunch of ambulances parked and doing
>>> NOTHING!!!)
>>> <>
>>> *More citizen reports…*
>>> Update from SolosGirl posted
>>> here
>>> <>
>>> ta daaaaa! toldya. *I work in an ER and ICU*. and I know
>>> many many nurses and doctors over this country. i was a
>>> travel nurse for many years. i have two MDs in my direct
>>> family.
>>> ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER( I do know that people are full of
>>> shit, but you dont have to constantly prove that fact)
>>> Look to WHY something as drastic as instituting a global
>>> police state is necessary in the minds of people who
>>> thought up things like waterboarding, the Patriot Act,
>>> 9/11, Afghanistan for 27 years, Iraq and mushroom
>>> clouds, Banker Bailouts.
>>> *More comments
>>> from *
>>> <>
>>> Fiscal Reality – News from Manatee County, FL drive
>>> through facility yesterday. No lines. No panic. No
>>> interest. Government “official” SHOCKED at the lack of
>>> response and desire for drive through testing. Couldn’t
>>> understand why. The BS narrative is collapsing.
>>> Kbo hip- Here in Colorado I know a guy who’s a nurse at
>>> the local hospital. He had his hours cut back this week
>>> by three days. Take that REAL info for whatever it’s
>>> worth but it seems the local hospital here at least
>>> isn’t exactly swimming in coronavirus victims.
>>> Time to get Huge- 2 sources I’ve heard said hospitals
>>> are empty…..
>>> *Comments about Local Hospitals*
>>> <>
>>> BreeZ Place – 3 hours ago Our hospitals are NOT Overrun
>>> here in Spokane WA. In fact, the only issue is mask
>>> shortage but that’s it. This is the biggest Psy-op in
>>> history.
>>> Anthony Leydens – 2 hours ago Same thing in iowa.
>>> Hospitals look like ghost towns. Its 70% less full than
>>> it was before this whole deal.
>>> Goodnews Bear- 2 hours ago It’s the same here in
>>> southern Illinois hospitals. My family in northern
>>> California says the same thing. I’ve been telling my
>>> family and friends it’s just to install fear in people.
>>> Most don’t listen, one said “why would they lie?”. Why
>>> indeed!
>>> Carry The Torch -49 minutes ago I’m by Olympia. Not
>>> really anything going on here. I saw a few military rigs
>>> and some DHS by the base, but that’s it. Fear based mind
>>> control is the goal. Pretty obvious.
>>> Scorpio -I was talking with a buddy of mine in Philly
>>> yesterday, he said that he talked to an ER nurse the
>>> other day and she said that the hospitals are empty. He
>>> drove by one of the major hospitals – ghost town!
>>> ***
>>> From
>>> <>  
>>> ActionJacksonbrownie- A doctor on a chainsaws forum
>>> (yes, some doctors use chainsaws at home) stated this
>>> week that he and his local association of doctors were
>>> responsible for over 1000 hospital beds. They had not
>>> seen a single “virus” patient to date. (((who))) owns
>>> the msm What is (((their))) agenda
>>> Warmblood- I think if everyone asks all their friends,
>>> family, co-workers, business contacts, etc., if they
>>> know anyone with Coronavirus, you’ll get a pretty
>>> accurate feel for the real data. I live in NC but I come
>>> from NY and my family has many relatives, friends and
>>> business contacts in NYC, Queens, Westchester, Nassau
>>> and Suffolk, and none of them know anyone with the virus.
>>> *Below is what I’ve been thinking they have been doing
>>> to increase the numbers of deaths from corona *(claiming
>>> that elderly who died of old age died of corona) (Yes,
>>> I’m saying they are LYING)
>>> From
>>> <
>>> Geocentrist- Was speaking with a guy yesterday. He was
>>> telling me his wife knew two people who each had one of
>>> their grandparents pass away recently. Both had been “on
>>> the edge” and infirmed for quite a while. Covid-19 was
>>> automatically listed as their cause of death, in fact,
>>> he said the family of one of them actually called them
>>> out on listing it as the cause of death, since they had
>>> basically no contact with anyone, apparently it caused a
>>> bit of furor. *Sounds like they are creating numbers.*
>>> *Fakery and lying
>>> here*:
>>> <> Check out
>>> Camelot Daily here exposing the media and this female CEO of
>>> Urgent Care in a Hawaii facility lying about long lines of
>>> people getting test for the CV. He shows up and there is
>>> nobody in line at all, empty parking lot, and he calls her
>>> out and she assaults him while the police are present.
>>> *Jason Goodman, Again Fact-Checking the LYING NYT*
>>> This Jason Goodman y/t is on the tails of the NY Post and
>>> Zio-Hedge running fear porn stories about a make shift
>>> morgue outside of Belview Hospital. This guy Jason did some
>>> real journalism, walked around looking for the make shift
>>> morgue, talked to some EMT guys (even one had a duping
>>> delight smile!!!), pretty much nothing going on, lots of
>>> ambulances parked, guys all relaxed, hanging out, no
>>> activity going on at all. I did not hear any sirens of
>>> ambulances:
>>> *Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New
>>> York City’s East Side?*
>>> *
>>> *
>>> At 25 min, he’s by the hospital says there’s almost nobody
>>> here, and he says the cops don’t want cameras near the
>>> hospital, sees Emergency entrance, but NO ambulances rushing
>>> in with patients, at 26 min doesn’t see the morgue tents the
>>> NY post is talking about, 35 min, some kind of open white
>>> tent with nothing going on, 37 min, talks to some guy by an
>>> ambulance, *“why did they wait to call you back, this is the
>>> biggest story in the world, according to the Governor,
>>> everybody is dying of a pandemic, you guys witness that? You
>>> look like you are hanging out texting (LOL!!!), are there
>>> hundreds of people dying in the hospital, they say one
>>> person dying every hour, so that would be 24 a day, I see 6,
>>> 7, 8 ambulances right here, don’t you think there should be
>>> a lot of people running around here (completely quiet there,
>>> nothing happening, definitely no sense of medical urgency).”* 
>>> A new EMT guy approaches, Jason asks you seen a lot of
>>> corona patients? Probably (*slight duping delight
>>> smile!!!)*, you’re standing a few feet away from me, not
>>> wearing a mask, not wearing rubber gloves, then “Oh when we
>>> get patients we do” (yet all those ambulances lined up
>>> there, nothing happening). At 39 min, where is this
>>> makeshift morgue outside of Bellview that NY post was
>>> talking about? Have you heard about a make shift morgue?
>>> Guys shake their heads “no,” don’t you think EMTs should
>>> know about a makeshift morgue? Sees a new guy, asks what do
>>> you know about a make shift morgue, 40 min guy admits
>>> there’s no morgue over there, then EMT guy says they are
>>> getting many more calls than usual (yet all those ambulances
>>> are parked there doing nothing), 45 still looking for the
>>> outside morgue tent…(I got bored and didn’t listen further)
>>> *Comment in chat w/video:*
>>> IamClaytonium Corbizer My sons a nurse in California no
>>> patience confirm with corona hoax
>>> They Live You Sleep Acute respiratory illness = chest cold.
>>> Medical worker here….Not seeing any unusual increase in 4
>>> city hospitals
>>> Jeff Taylor Been working at a old folks home with thousands
>>> of residents…0 cases…talked to a nurse who does home
>>> rounds for the elderly…0 cases
>>> *More tricks and deception…*
>>> From Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on
>>> New York City’s East Side?
>>> Adr- I have an update. The husband of one of my mom’s
>>> friends who died of heart failure on Wednesday, he was 75
>>> and already dying, didn’t actually die of Covid-19. They had
>>> given him a test that had returned a positive result. *Even
>>> though he was already dying of heart failure, they marked
>>> his cause of death as Covid-19 and added him to the state
>>> total.* Since none of his close contacts tested positive,
>>> they retested his body for Covid. The test came back
>>> negative. Cause of death is now listed as heart failure. The
>>> state has not reduced the Covid death stat by one as of
>>> right now. That wouldn’t look good. Nor would a story of
>>> doctors being so very wrong. *I wonder how many deaths have
>>> followed that same pattern?*
>>> Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on
>>> New York City’s E…
>>> The New York Post is reporting that “Members of the military
>>> seem to be setting up a temporary morgue”. This sto…

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