12 Monkeys Apocalypse Upon Us – Plagues of Locusts, too!

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*I checked and it’s not April 1st so it must be true.  Especially as you
can trust Sky News – or so they tell us!*

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*It’s 12 Monkeys, folks, and we’re just about to be wiped out by a
humongous plague propagated by red-faced, Indian macaque monkeys that
have taken over the abandoned government areas of Delhi, terrorising the
civil servants still working in key ministries.  They’re running amok. 
They broke into the lab where they were testing Covid-19 samples (/I
wonder if it was the pawpaw and jackfruit samples that attracted them/),
attacked a lab assistant and were seen hanging about in trees chewing on
the Covid-19 samples.  Others commandeered motorbikes and escaped.*

*I imagine they must have been driven to these desperate measures by
starvation brought on by people stopping feeding them, after unnamed
“experts” warned that feeding the monkeys “could cause the virus to
mutate and infect primates”.  Not just “a biologist”, but someone who
was very “senior” also warned that if the virus mutated, it could
devastate primates and their predators.*

*In the middle of the same report, we learn that plagues of locusts are
threatening food security during the plandemic.  This really is The End
Times, folks!*

*So this it, the moment of truth.  Break out the hazmat suits and call
in Bruce Willis and the sinister scientific supervisory panel to sort it
all out.  Get him to test out the Active Denial technology on the
monkeys and the plagues of locusts – we might as well put it to good use
since we have it.  And let’s not let anyone get at him with any kind of
shot in the arm.  This time we need him fully compos mentis.*

*/Oh, by the way, now you’ve been softened up by this shock-horror
Hollywood predictive programming, all next week Sky News is running a
programme on the New World Order that’s going to be imposed on you after
the plandemic has destroyed the world economy and left you destitute and
starving.  Lots of top names “//from the worlds of culture, politics,
economics, science and technology” //are going to tell you how they plan
to control your future existence. /*

*/I expect that will be that nice Ervin Laszlo from the depopulationist
Club of Budapest/Club of Rome.  And what about Antonio Guterres, UN
Secretary-General, well-known depopulationist member of Club of Madrid? 
He could expand on his ideas for deindustrialization.  And surely
they’ll include our spiritual favourites Bruce Lipton and Lynne
McTaggart!  As two of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders carrying out
the Worldshift, Club of Budapest’s Barbara Marx Hubbard’s demonic great
cull of humanity, they can tell us about the gift of a global plague. 
Yup, I expect all the NWO conspirators will be there.  Oh, and you can
take part, too.  Surely you didn’t think no one was going to consult you?/*

*29.5.20 – STOP PRESS – FROM SKY NEWS – Coronavirus: Monkeys ‘escape
with COVID-19 samples’ after attacking lab assistant:

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One of the monkeys was later spotted in a tree chewing one of the sample
collection kits, the /Times of India /reported – adding that test
samples from the patients had to be taken again.

The undamaged kits were later recovered, the Meerut medical college
superintendent, Dheeraj Raj, told AFP.

He added: “They were still intact and we don’t think there is any risk
of contamination or spread.”

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It is the latest example of the highly intelligent, red-faced rhesus
macaques taking advantage of **India’s nationwide lockdown**to combat
the spread of **coronavirus*.*

While they have proved an increasing problem in urban areas of the
country in recent years, lockdown measures in the last two months are
believed to have emboldened the monkeys.

Reports have shown them congregating in parts of Delhi normally crowded
with humans.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 03.29.45.png

The animals have adapted to live in close contact with people, and it is
believed some groups have struggled in the absence of human food they
had come to rely on.

People have been advised not to feed the monkeys while the pandemic
continues, with experts suggesting doing so could cause the virus to
mutate and infect primates.

A senior biologist from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department previously
warned that if this did happen, the mutated virus could have a
devastating impact on primate species and other wildlife which prey on them.

“The point is, we have very little understanding of the virus, and it is
better to limit our interactions with wildlife till there is more
research done on its effects on non-human primates and other animal
species,” he told The Hindu.

Reports have previously emerged of the primates causing chaos in Delhi,
snatching food and mobile telephones, breaking into homes and
terrorising people in and around the Indian capital.

They have colonised areas around the city’s parliament and the sites of
key ministries, from the prime minister’s office to the finance and
defence ministries, scaring both civil servants and the public.

“Very often they snatch food from people as they are walking, and
sometimes they even tear files and documents by climbing in through the
windows,” said Ragini Sharma, a home ministry employee, in 2018.

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