5G – Coronavirus Briefing 16 May 2020

*One more edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 16 May 2020*
*(Note that you can use Control + F to search through the /Briefing/.
You do not need to read everything or go to the links. The intention is
to provide an overview of what is happening, so you can read just the
title of a piece, or you can read a brief summary, or in the case of
important articles, you may wish to read the whole article.  I hope that
it is particularly useful for electrohypersensitive readers, who can
read the PDF offline.)*

*/The struggle is on between the people and armies enforcing fascist
contact tracing and vaccines/*

*/Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 04.35.48.png/*

*STOP PRESS:**VICTORY – Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & Big Pharma lost a
Massive Supreme Court Case in USA –
The Supreme Court in the USA has ruled that it shall not be mandatory to
have a vaccine: *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JG5b8Qt_CY
*One more of these /Briefings. The tsunami of fascist and illegal
imposition on the world’s population comes so thick and fast that it is
hard to keep up with it all:/ *
> * *Several more medical and PhD /doctors/have come forward with
> courageous new interviews.  In the list at the beginning of the
> /Briefing/, the latest are **Dr Jeffery Barke, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr.
> Mike Hansen, Joel Hay, PhD, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and **Professor
> Michael Levitt.*
> * *The Actionsection (pp. 19-28) reports on several new legal
> initiatives, some of which are crowdfunding.  Please support
> generously to help these courageous people to protect all of us. 
> There are several calls to oppose new laws and the lockdown in
> different countries.*
> * *The /Analysis/section explains the coronavirus hoax as a
> consequence of the end of the road for neoliberal kleptocracy,
> shows how the UK government is using psychological manipulation to
> terrify and manipulate the British public,  delves into Gates’
> disturbing and criminal depopulationist history, we hear of a
> suppressed report written by a civil servant in Germany about the
> costs of the lockdown, and the deadly consequences of the brutal
> lockdown in poorer countries.*
> * *The section on /The Big Picture/Overview//l/ists items that
> everyone should pay attention to in order to really understand
> what is going on. Each item provides insights into different
> aspects of this global putsch: historical, financial,
> technocratic, vaccinations, etc.*
> * *The /Comment/section provides commentary from different sources
> and countries. In the UK, Lord Sumption describes the government’s
> “coronavirus” policy as “hysteria-driven”, while Peter Hitchens
> continues to be seemingly the only journalist in the UK willing to
> oppose this agenda, David Martin discusses the “virus pantomime”,
> and Dr Sircus discusses the looming consequences of the “**Medical
> coup d’état”.  Charlie Brooker, author of “Black Mirror” says he’s
> giving up writing any more episodes because “we are already in a
> dystopia”.***
> * *The /Conspiracy/section reviews the hijack of the /International
> Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space/, which revealed the
> globalists’ conspiracy to depopulate the planet, exactly as it is
> being played out right now.  A must-watch is the short speech by
> Robert F Kennedy describing the corporatist takeover of the world
> that is unfolding right now.  Dr Fauci’s sinister connections are
> revealed.  More evidence of the British government’s use of psyops
> to terrify the British public into demanding more lockdown and
> vaccines.  The Club of Rome is calling for a green reboot – of
> course they are – this has been their plan for decades – to usher
> in technocracy.  Dr Andrew Kaufman, in another courageous
> interview, reveals that the intention is to genetically modify
> humans with the new vaccine, a crime against humanity.*
> * *The /Police State/section looks into the latest trick to be
> unveiled: “contact tracing”. The “coronavirus” is being used as a
> pretext to usher in the fascist state of complete control, exactly
> as set out in Ervin Laszlo’s Wordshift Declaration (see hijack of
> /5G Space Appeal/).  Singapore and the US have introduced sinister
> dystopian robot dogs to enforce social distancing, and shortly to
> police the population, too.  One is portrayed in the rain to prove
> to you that it won’t be any good trying to stop them by dousing
> them in water.*
> * *The /Covidiotic/section is an attempt at humour, but it has to be
> said that everything about this situation is surreal so everything
> in this newsletter could really be included under the “covidiotic”
> banner.*
> * *The /Disinformation/section provides a quick review of some of
> the disinformation scams of the week.  Presumably some of these
> are being cooked up by the British army, a brigade of which has
> been given the task of combating fake news on the “coronavirus”,
> which actually seems to mean cooking up the fake news themselves.*
> * *The /Dissent/section is reassuringly packed with reports from
> many countries (Germany, Spain, Australia, US, UK) showing that
> people are not accepting “the new normal”.  Disgraceful and
> distressing scenes from Australia of police dragging a mother away
> into a police van as her young child screams in terror, “Don;t
> take my mummy away”, while a second policeman in a separate
> incident removes a baby in a stroller from her mother and we see
> her terrified face as she screams in terror.  This is “the new
> normal” face of fascism.  In each case, the mother was guilty of
> nothing more than standing on the street to protest the lockdown. 
> Two Italian politicians courageously came out emphatically against
> the lockdown and the fascist putsch.  Two US cops state that they
> will support the constitution and not enforce measures taken
> against the people – one of them gets fired for his courage.  And
> three sheriffs declare that they will not enforce the closing of
> businesses.  People in Ireland and the US are mounting legal
> challenges to the lockdown.  In a major breakthrough, three
> Catholic cardinals join a public petition with academics and
> others that exposes the global putsch in detail.  We reprise a
> look at the d**ark secrets behind the Pope’s bizarre audience hall.***
> * *The Essential Readingsection gives links to the free summary (in
> several languages) of Arthur Firstenberg’s /The Invisible Rainbow:
> A History of Electricity and Life. / Anyone who has not yet read
> this 16-page history of the dangers of electricity needs urgently
> to do so in order to understand just why 5G and wireless
> technology in general are so lethal and how the symptoms of
> “coronavirus” are explained by ubiquitous wireless technology and 5G.*
> * *The 5G / Coronavirus Health Aspects section looks at the latest
> revelations on “coronavirus”.  It’s actually harmless for most
> people, putting patients on ventilators is a sure-fire way to kill
> them, autopsy reports reveal once again that what is happening to
> people affected by “coronavirus” is completely unprecedented and
> doctors do not understand what is going on (in other words, it’s
> not a single illness at all – it’s caused by rolling out 5G!)  Two
> articles expose the lack of necessity for face masks, which do not
> protect people and are completely misunderstood, but are extremely
> dangerous and can make people more vulnerable and actually kill. *
> * *The Newssection is a pot-pourri of reports from around the world
> of what transpired in the last week.  Perhaps the most
> groundbreaking of these reports were those from Madagascar, whose
> government threw out the World Health Organisation from the
> country in disgust and called on other African countries to do the
> same, and Burundi, which also expelled representatives of WHO this
> week.  This comes on top of last week’s revelations by the
> President of Tanzania that the tests are so useless they show
> pawpaws and jack fruit as testing positive for Covid-19!  In
> Australia, birds were seen attacking a cell phone tower.  Could
> this be an example of the “hundredth monkey syndrome” – that they
> are aware that 4G LTE has killed 26 thousand blue tits in
> Germany?  Meanwhile, in Nigeria citizens are up in arms to hear
> that Bill Gates has bribed the parliament with $10 million dollars
> to pass a mandatory vaccine bill.*
> * *The big news this week is “contact tracing” or the introduction
> of totalitarianism.  This is the time for people to ditch their
> mobile / cell phones before they become not only compulsory to
> own, but compulsory to carry and to have them switched on so that
> you are saturated in electromagnetic radiation and fully traceable
> and trackable – and in due course killable – at all times.  Johns
> Hopkins is offering a free course on contact tracing, so if anyone
> wants to understand just how WHO’s Michael Ryan’s “dignified and
> respectful” smashing into your family home by ex-military and
> removal of your family members and children is going to take
> place, you might be interested to sign up.  So-called contract
> tracer jobs are being advertised in Britain and America, and guess
> who they want to recruit?  Ex-military!  No surprise there.  Those
> Qanon followers still “trusting the plan” might be disturbed to
> know that this week Trump announced that he has ordered 500
> million injectors for the completely new, untested and
> unprecedented vaccines for human genetic modification that he is
> launching through a so-called “warp speed” programme to get them
> out really fast without any prior safety testing, and that he is
> intending to use the army to enforce contact tracing.*
> * *The section on Programming the Public for the New World
> Orderexposes all the insidious ways the public are being
> conditioned to accept “the new normal”.  Club of Madrid member UN
> Secretary-General Antonio Guterres uses his public office to pimp
> for the NWO and the sinister Agenda 2030.*
> * *The Spacesection poses the question of whether
> electrohypersensitive people are already being affected by Musk’s
> satellites, several hundred of which have been launched since last
> year, with no let-up under the lockdown, of course, just as the 5G
> rollout is being speeded up under the lockdown.  Belatedly, US
> senators are challenging the FCC to explain why all these
> satellites are exempt from an environmental review.*
> * *The Solutions  section is ongoing and presents a variety of ways
> to respond to the current surreality.*
> * *Since the narrative is now very much focused on the globalists’
> real end game of forcibly vaccinating the entire world’s
> population of 7 billion people, the section on Vaccines(pp.
> 130-141) is particularly important and comprehensive.*
> * *And last but not least, the Appendixprovides more insights into
> the very strange and unprecedented symptoms of “Covid-19″, aka
> injuries manifesting in multifarious ways resulting from exposure
> to lethal pulsed electromagnetic radiation in the form of 3G, 4G,
> 4G LTE and/or 5G.*
> */Now we know what’s going on, let’s get into action to stop this NOW!/*
> **
> *A correspondent sent this message, together with his annotations, in
> red.*
> **
> *The Hopi nation wrote this to the world 19 years ago. It is very
> practical advice.***
> **
> *”We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour***
> *Now you must go back and tell the people that*/***this is the Hour*/**
> *And there are things to be considered***
> *·**       **Where are you living?***
> *·**       **What are you doing?***
> *·**       **What are your relationships?***
> *·**       **Are you in the right relation?***
> *·**       **Where is your water?***
> *·**       **Know your garden.***
> *·**       **[To these I would add: Are you dependent on Big Pharma
> for your health?**  **Big Oil for your transport?** ***
> *It is time to speak your truth.**  **[this creates alignment on the
> level of ethics, values, goals]***
> *Create your community.**  **[Come together with like-minded others,
> co- create a plan]***
> *Be good to each other.**   **[Caring, sharing, mutual regard]***
> *And do not look outside yourself for the leader. **[this is true
> self-responsibility]***
> *There is a river flowing now very fast.**  **[20x faster from Jan 25!]***
> *It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.***
> *They will try to hold onto the shore.**  **[predictable fear-based
> reaction to massive change]***
> *They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.***
> *Know the river has its destination.**  **[the sea: metaphor for the
> cosmos, collective uncsc]***
> *The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the
> river, keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.**  **[be
> conscious! Don’t lose your focus, don’t get dragged under.]***
> *See who is in there with you and Celebrate. **[you will recognize
> brothers and sisters.**  **You will know that you are on a milestone
> journey]***
> *At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.** 
> **[leave your religious, political, whatever baggage behind, it won’t
> travel well.]***
> *Least of all ourselves.**  **[unresolved, unforgiven past wounding
> will keep on wounding us]***
> *For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to
> a halt.** ***
> *The time of the lone wolf is over,** ***
> *Gather yourselves!**  **[no longer blood ties that define a tribe,
> community is based on common interest.**  **Understand the paradox:
> separation is illusion, but discrimination / discernment has never
> been more important…to apply discernment one must have access to
> genuine information.]***
> *Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.** 
> **[many hands make light work; use your skills in service to others,
> take responsibility for what you do well]***
> *All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner **[living with
> respect for oneself, the community and the environment]***
> *And in celebration.”**  **[take pleasure in being alive in the
> world.**  **Share your joy with others]***

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