5G – Coronavirus Briefing 27 May 2020

*One more edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 27 May 2020*
*/(this may be the last – let’s see …)/*

*(Note that you can use Control + F to search through the /Briefing/.
You do not need to read everything or go to the links. The intention is
to provide an overview of what is happening, so you can read just the
title of a piece, or you can read a brief summary, or in the case of
important articles, you may wish to read the whole article.  I hope that
it is particularly useful for electrohypersensitive readers, who can
read the PDF offline.)*

*/Conditioning the public for the New World Order and obedience during
“the second wave”/*

*/Operation Covid-19.jpg/*

*/This Briefing continues the story of hoax, censorship, physical and
psychological intimidation, and social engineering to condition the
public to accept the New World Order.  Children are going back to
school, where they are forced to social distance and stand in squares
and crosses in playgrounds, and damage their health wearing useless but
mandatory masks.  The conditioning is now becoming overt on all sides as
stooges and cronies such as Prince Charles step forward to tell us how
the world should be post-Covid, after the deliberately orchestrated
destruction of the world economy.  Everything is now in place for the
“second wave” planned for the autumn, when the real depopulation cull is
slated to take place, now that 5G has been fully rolled out unhindered
during the unjustified imprisonment of populations when no one died of
coronavirus except those with numbers of pre-existing health conditions.

* *The /Briefing/ begins with the usual section on doctorsand other
experts refuting the “coronavirus”**hoax pandemic.*
* *The section on Action lists a new initiative for 20-21 June to
encourage everyone to cancel their cell or mobile phone.  If people
don’t understand yet that their phone is killing and
mind-controlling them, and is now going to be used to help imprison
them and forcibly remove their family members, they are not paying
attention.  There is an initiative to oppose the US HR6666 Bill
(what a giveaway in that name!), a proposal to invoke Magna Carta
and restore Common Law now that we have the collapse of the rule of
law across the planet, and two legal actions in the UK that need
financial support.  Resistance movements are popping up in Austria
and Germany, and a White House petition against the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation needs supporting.  (A word to the wise: if it is
not clear who is launching a petition or initiative, it is best to
stay clear of it.*)
* *The AI / Mind Controlsection explains the “Alice in Wonderland”
technique, helping readers understand how public confusion is
deliberately engineered in order to disorientate, disempower and
control.  The section also provides an antidote to promote autonomy
and psychological independence.*
* *The Analysissection offers powerful and surprising insights from,
for example, Dr Klinghardt on what’s really going on here, delves
into the World Health Organization with Charlene Bollinger, has Bibi
Baachus explaining the Uniform Commercial Code & Common Law,
and****provides links to the** **Plandemic documentary with Judy
Mikovits in various languages.*******
* *The Big Picture / Overviewsection provides some essential viewing
and reading in order to understand exactly who is behind what is
going on, what it really amounts to, how it developed and what its
aims really are.  Everyone needs to understand what is really
happening in order to put a stop to it before we head into
extinction as a species.  It is the darkest picture any of us could
have imagined facing, but face it we must if we want to survive.*
* *Something else we need urgently to understand is that this whole
universe is electrical, including everything around us and our
bodies.  We saturate the planet with alien microwave radiation at
our peril.  **A new book called The */*Electric Ecosystem*/*opens
the door to the electric life of the natural world. It is a
scientifically substantiated introduction to the unseen energy
dimensions of humans, animals, plants and the earth.*
* *From the section on Censorship, we learn that NGOs such as
Greenpeace (as well as most if not all institutions) have all long
been co-opted and we bang our heads against a brick wall thinking
that they will respond to our concerns.  We need to put our energy
into establishing and funding groups that actually do represent out
interests – and defunding those that don’t.*
* *The Commentsection provides a number of interesting insights into
our current predicament: the Beast system; the patriarchy; where are
all the dead?; social engineering children in schools with
fearmongering, social distancing and masks; the cruelty of health
officials; who’s really in charge of all this; and a new virus
called “the waking up flu”.*
* *The Conspiracysection illuminates the entities behind all of this
and discusses why we keep hearing about “a second wave”, marvels at
the uniqueness of this amazing virus, looks at population control,
who is profiting while the rest of us suffer, embarks on a new
examination of Bill Gates, and underlines the fact that this is a
global conspiracy and people in each country must understand that in
order to understand the scale of the threat we face.  There is a
piece on the misery of “the new normal” for anyone wanting to
continue flying, the President of Madagascar exposes the corruption
at the heart of WHO, which is funded by You Know Who, of course
(Bill Gates, for anyone who has been inhabiting a cave for the last
three months).  Also exposed: satanic thinking and corporatist putsch.*
* *The Police Statesection brings us more of the joys of “the new
normal” of state imprisonment of citizens and enforcement by fascist
police forces, permanent surveillance, the end of privacy, contact
tracing, immunity cards.  One UK journalist has just realised that
we are facing the end of liberty.  Well done him!  Where are the
others? *
* *The Covidiotic(or humour) section is relatively short in this
/Briefing/, as the madness has really expanded to take in the entire
newsletter and the whole world!  Has it spread outwards to encompass
the universe, perhaps??*
* *Back to surreality with the section on Crimes Against Humanity,
which shows how the very old and very young are being targeted.  An
article discusses whether old people in care homes were actually
targeted first for deletion.  And as children are finally allowed to
go back to school, as long as they wear masks, at least in Austria,
they have to stand on chalk marks on the ground and hide behind
carboard barriers around their desks in order to “social distance”. 
A picture of a mask-wearing teacher pointing at the ground while
telling a tiny tot to stand on a chalk mark should go on the wall of
the fascist hall of shame. The teacher should be banned from human
contact forever.  Another one to be shot off to Mars in one of
Musk’s space ships once we’re rounded up all the maniacs!*
* *Guess what the Depopulationsection discusses!  And there is plenty
more Disinformationto be had in the section of that name, revealing
the conspirators behind it.*
* *Dissent**is satisfactorily manifesting in many different ways in
many different countries: in Germany police officers were ignoring
social distancing, Spanish citizens were asserting their liberty, US
sheriffs want to uphold the constitution, Canadians and UK citizens
were protesting, and a second UK journalist in the mainstream media
dared to voice dissent!  An Italian member of parliament called for
the arrest of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, and a lawsuit
against New York governor Cuomo claims he stripped New Yorkers of
their constitutional rights.*
* *The 5G rollout is not going unopposed.  New Hampshire in the US
**is forming a commission to investigate the health and
environmental impacts of EMFs and 5G and Joe Imbriano warns that the
“second wave” threatened for the autumn/fall will involve attacks on
schools – we all know that 5G has been widely installed at schools
and elsewhere during the lockdown, and many of us suspect that that
was one of its main purposes.  It also turns out that **AT&T
submitted 500+ patents and applications to turn power lines into
WiFi transmitters, which will leave nowhere to hide, as if we did
not know that already with upwards of 53K 5G satellites planned.*
* *5G / Coronavirus health aspectscovers a lot of ground: lockdowns
creating a mental health disaster, a hidden motive for imposing the
wearing of masks, 5G altering blood cell permeability and *
<#healthaspects>*amplifying coronavirus/flu-like symptoms,
technocrats spreading alarm and panic deliberately, how old people
have clearly been targeted for the population cull, with a UK
journalist casually commenting that culling old people is good for
the economy.*
* *The Newsis largely provided by the UK’s excellent UK Column, which
is a tiny operation, but they are doing a great job of examining how
the putsch is being carried out in Britain, which provides vital
insights into how it is being carried out worldwide.*
* *The section entitled Programming the public for the NWOhas Prince
Charles and the hideous, chain-smoking Camilla touting the New World
Order, and Rosemary Frei explains the * <#NWO>*seven-step path from
pandemic to totalitarianism, while a bunch of dutiful doctors tell
us why we have to become vegan, a NWO prescription.*
* *The section on Resistancediscusses lawful rebellion under the
collapse of the rule of law and a Manifesto of the Free People’s
Union, as well as a message to all “those who **ridiculously claim
that we who want our jobs and lives back don’t care about others.”***
* *In the Spacesection, just a couple of items, on Musk and NASA.*
* ***The **Solutions / inspiration **section is ongoing and added to
with ideas from time to time.  It is very diverse, with ideas from
maintaining your health to natural law to resistance.* <#solutions>**
* *The section on Vaccinationsis, of course, jam-packed with appalling
news on developments, plus some ideas for refusing them if they
become mandatory, which looks extremely likely, with many
governments on different continents discussing this.* <#vaccinations>
* *TheWeapon section has one item on the use of a new directed energy
weapon by the US navy.* <#WEAPON>**
* *Appendix 1 has two new examples of Coronavirus symptoms and *
<#appendix>*Appendix 2consists of an article on the “Biological
effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell
tower base stations and other antenna arrays”.* <#APPENDIXTWO>

*/I won’t say “Enjoy”.  It’s more like “Read and weep”!/*

*/Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 01.04.13.png/*

*/Joe Biden: masked Covidiot/*


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