5G – Coronavirus Briefing 7 May 2020

*Here is the latest – and final – edition of the 5G – Coronavirus
Briefing, 7 May 2020*

*/The diabolical plot and its evil perpetrators are right out in the
open and it’s time for action, folks!/*

*This is the last – and the longest – of these /Briefings/ as the plot
has now been uncovered and i believe we are now moving into the action
phase.  There are no adjectives adequate to describe the complete lunacy
that we have descended into.  By comparison, the /Matrix/ movie plot
begins to look like quite a rational and reasoned scenario.  What is
clear is that the perpetrators are going full speed ahead, hoping to
implement their plans before people can wake up to what is going on.*

*Several court cases are being mooted and these need funding.  As this
is a global agenda, we should give generously to these courageous people
bringing the cases, especially because they are under time pressure to
raise the funds. A win in any country will help all other countries.*

*Although the lockdowns are being eased in various countries and US
states, we should not allow this to make us complacent.  We are told
that recovered “Covid-19” patients are supposedly becoming reinfected
and governments are keeping restrictions for the foreseeable future and
foresee this situation continuing way into the future.  Well, they would
become ill again as soon as they go back into the 4G/5G environment that
made them sick in the first place.*
*Germany is proposing to change its Basic Law next week to permit forced
vaccinations.   The US and UK are also pushing ahead with passing laws
to permit forced vaccinations involving completely new and untested
vaccines.  Countries are also pushing ahead with “immunity passports”
that would deny freedom to anyone refusing a vaccine.  A doctor in
Germany has formed a new resistance party and gained 100K supporters in
one week.  People all over the globe are coming out and protesting on
the streets.*

*We very much need to go into action now because the end game is upon us
and it is happening very fast.  We should by now understand that this is
a global conspiracy planned and mapped out over many decades.  It is
tentacular, as we see with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres,
200 climate scientists and celebrities, Lynne McTaggart and many others
advocating for “the new normal”, i.e. de-industrialization, technocracy,
“smart” city imprisonment, cyborgisation and population cull through
forced vaccinations.*

*It is the end of life as we know it -/IF WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN/. 
Robert F. Kennedy said last week that it is “The last battle for the
salvation of humanity” because these forced, untested and completely
unprecedented vaccinations would eliminate the human species.*

* *Several more doctors have come forward.  In the list at the
beginning of the /Briefing/, the latest are Dr. Khelfaoui, outraged
at the invasion of privacy and refusing to act as a cop snitching on
his patients, and Dr Mercola, reporting on ventilators killing
patients. In Appendix 1, various doctors report on “coronavirus”
symptoms.  A nurse in New York reports tearfully that doctors are
murdering patients and gives examples of gross negligence and
* *It certainly seems, judging by reports from different countries,
that old people have been targeted for death, with rates of
mortality in UK care homes a horror story.*
* *The focus now is very much on the aspiring genocidist Bill Gates
and his deeply unpleasant lineage and history. And on his genocidal
vaccinations. A new documentary called “Plandemic” will be coming
out and the trailer for it, an interview with Judy Mikovits, was
almost immediately deleted everywhere it was available.  It is a
must-seeso please watch it before it is disappeared completely. 
Appendix 3 contains the two transcripts from last week’s Round
Tables on The Truth About Vaccines – an absolute must-read!*
* *Other items that are must-watches or must-reads are marked in red
and yellow. The Reverend Danny Jones gives an excellent overview of
the plandemic. The section on The Big Picture/Overviewlists items
that everyone should pay attention to in order to really understand
what is going on. Each item provides insights into different aspects
of this global putsch: historical, financial, technocratic,
vaccinations, etc.*
* *There is more on the correlation between 5G and “coronavirus”. The
Spanish academic who produced the study on the correlation now
appears in a video explaining that study, with English subtitles.
***Magda Havas tells us that the incidence of cases of Covid-19 is
95% higher in US states with 5G already in operation.  And Arthur
Firstenberg, in his /5G Space Appeal /newsletter entitled “The
Evidence Mounts”, reports that those cruise ships all had 5G, and
that 26,000 birds are reported dead in Germany.  The majority of the
bird deaths occurred***along the Mosel River and in the region
around Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, exactly where Vodafone has been
boasting about having installed 4GLTE (which is a souped-up version
of 4G and capable of delivering the Internet of Things and the
global dystopia no one wants except the murderous elites. He also
reports that the strange symptoms being reported affecting small
children are exactly those of radio wave sickness. How anyone can
look at the pictures of the affected children and not weep, I don’t
* *And there are several items on the human biofield.*
* *Censorship is now going crazy, with items being deleted almost as
soon as they are posted and prominent dissenters such as David Icke
being de-platformed. Almost every platform is guilty of this, with
Bitchute seeming to be the honourable exception.*
* *Germany and Britain are going full speed ahead towards forced
vaccinations, and several reports have said the same about the US,
despite Trump’s earlier reassurances, with “warp speed” being the US
* *The resistance is growing, with people protesting all over the
planet, legal cases being brought, and a woman jailed for opening
her salon to help feed her employees and their families being
subsequently released.  Italian and Austrian politicians are raging
at their complicit government ministers.  Armed protesters invaded
the Michigan Senate to protest against the lockdown.  Top scientists
in the UK are setting up their own independent government advisory
committee because of the incompetence of the official one.*
* *People should be outraged to learn that the man responsible for
producing the fake mathematical models that justified the lockdowns
in the US and UK, Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London, who has
caused untold misery and massive financial losses, has been ignoring
the lockdown rules himself as he enjoys a relationship with a
married woman.  Another person going off the rails in a big way is
Elon Musk, who has started saying all sorts of bizarre things that
have wiped $14 billion off Tesla’s share price.*
* *And if that is not enough to show what a farce all of this is, we
learn that in Tanzania, pawpaws and goats have tested positive for
* *More mobile phone masts/cell phone towers are being attacked in
different countries.  It turns out that blowing up masts is nothing
new and was the topic of a British mini-series from 2007 called
Mobile, available at *http://www.tv.com/shows/mobile/watch/.
* *And last but not least, there is lots more covidiocy in the
“Covidiotic” and “Hoax” sections of the /Briefing/.*

*/Now we know what’s going on, let’s get into action to stop this NOW!/*
*A correspondent sent this message, together with his annotations, in red.*
*The Hopi nation wrote this to the world 19 years ago. It is very
practical advice.**


*”We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour**

*Now you must go back and tell the people that*/***this is the Hour*/*

*And there are things to be considered**

*·**       **Where are you living?**

*·**       **What are you doing?**

*·**       **What are your relationships?**

*·**       **Are you in the right relation?**

*·**       **Where is your water?**

*·**       **Know your garden.**

*·**       **[To these I would add: Are you dependent on Big Pharma for
your health?**  **Big Oil for your transport?** **

*It is time to speak your truth.**  **[this creates alignment on the
level of ethics, values, goals]**

*Create your community.**  **[Come together with like-minded others, co-
create a plan]**

*Be good to each other.**   **[Caring, sharing, mutual regard]**

*And do not look outside yourself for the leader. **[this is true

*There is a river flowing now very fast.**  **[20x faster from Jan 25!]**

*It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.**

*They will try to hold onto the shore.**  **[predictable fear-based
reaction to massive change]**

*They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.**

*Know the river has its destination.**  **[the sea: metaphor for the
cosmos, collective uncsc]**

*The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the
river, keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.**  **[be
conscious! Don’t lose your focus, don’t get dragged under.]**

*See who is in there with you and Celebrate. **[you will recognize
brothers and sisters.**  **You will know that you are on a milestone

*At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.**  **[leave
your religious, political, whatever baggage behind, it won’t travel well.]**

*Least of all ourselves.**  **[unresolved, unforgiven past wounding will
keep on wounding us]**

*For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a
halt.** **

*The time of the lone wolf is over,** **

*Gather yourselves!**  **[no longer blood ties that define a tribe,
community is based on common interest.**  **Understand the paradox:
separation is illusion, but discrimination / discernment has never been
more important…to apply discernment one must have access to genuine

*Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.** 
**[many hands make light work; use your skills in service to others,
take responsibility for what you do well]**

*All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner **[living with
respect for oneself, the community and the environment]**

*And in celebration.”**  **[take pleasure in being alive in the
world.**  **Share your joy with others]**


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