Robert F. Kennedy: “The Last Battle for the Salvation of Humanity”

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Vaccine experts Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr. Sherri
Tenpenny, Judy Mikovits PhD, Robert Kennedy Jnr, and Del Bigtree, had a
round table discussion last weekend hosted by Ty and Charlene
Bollinger.  *Transcripts attached.*  Highlights:

Robert F. Kennedy:

*/“We’re the happy few, the band of brothers and sisters. We know what
our job is in this life: we have to fight and we have to die with our
boots on if necessary.”/* 

* Doctors don’t know how to treat patients with Covid-19 because it is
*  Nurses are saying that people are being murdered in hospitals
* Governments are proposing to inject humans with an untested,
experimental, gene-altering technology designed to change the human
*  The former chief chemist of the company said, “/There is nothing
that could make me put that vaccine in my body/.”
* It is an RNA vaccine that has never been made before and that alters DNA
* *It is genetic engineering that could wipe out the entire human race*
* When a coronavirus vaccine for SARS was tested on ferrets and they
were later exposed to the wild virus, they all died
* The US is now operating under the Public Readiness and Emergency
Preparedness (PREP) Act, which provides blanket immunity from
liability for Gates and the companies pushing the
coronavirus/Covid-19 vaccine
* An upcoming documentary on the (US) National Childhood Vaccine
Injury Act (“1986-The Act”), which gave companies blanket immunity
from liability (
) will reveal
“premeditated, first-degree murder”, according to Dr. Andrew Wakefield
* With 5G and vaccines, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have become the
instruments of total tyranny, total control, and the surveillance state.

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