5G – Coronavirus Briefing 9 June 2020

*One more edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 9 June 2020*
*/(this may be the last – let’s see …)/* 

(Note that you can use Control + F to search through the /Briefing/. You
do not need to read everything or go to the links. The intention is to
provide an overview of what is happening, so you can read just the title
of a piece, or you can read a brief summary, or in the case of important
articles, you may wish to read the whole article.  I hope that it is
particularly useful for electrohypersensitive readers, who can read the
PDF offline.) 

*/5G, the “coronavirus” psyop, lockdowns, mask humiliation and riots.
Now we learn why: “The Great Reset” – the global putsch to bring in the
New World Order/*


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*/It’s been only 12 days since the last Briefing, but in that time the
world has changed again!
The steps of the plot are implemented so fast that it leaves one reeling.
Just as people were set to celebrate freedom from lockdown, the global
protests psyop was launched.
Now the oligarchs at the World Economic Forum are telling us that
everything has fallen apart and we need
“The Great Reset”, i.e. the New World Order of Agenda 2030 and the end
of life as we have known it./*

* *The /Briefing/ begins with the usual section on doctorsand other
experts refuting the “coronavirus” hoax pandemic (pp. 2-23).  One
new doctor added here: Dr. John Lee calling the way ‘Covid deaths’
are counted a national scandal.  *
* *The section on Action (pp. 23-44)lists several new initiatives,
including a political party to stop 5G in Australia.  There is an
“Expose Bill Gates day” on 13 June.  On 14 June a global
meditation.  On 20 June a protest in Italy. The 5G Judicial Review
2020 urgently needs funds or it cannot go ahead.  Note: I warn those
signing petitions that doing so could lead to repercussions.  I
support action but not necessarily petitions.  Caveat subscriptor!
In particular, I warn people not to sign my /International Appeal to
Stop 5G on Earth and in Space /now that it has been infiltrated by
* *The AI / Mind Controlsection explains the “Alice in Wonderland”
technique, helping readers understand how public confusion is
deliberately engineered in order to disorientate, disempower and
control.  The section also provides an antidote for promoting
autonomy and psychological independence.*
* *The Analysissection (pp. 44-54) ) looks into what may be behind the
George Floyd psyop, battlefield America and whether the French
revolution provides a template for the overthrow of the current
system; corrosion caused by EMFs, the history of EMFs, the Covid
statistics fraud, Uniform Commercial Code and common law, and how
the planet is getting much colder.*
* *The Big Picture / Overviewsection provides some essential viewing
and reading in order to understand exactly who is behind what is
going on, what it really amounts to, how it developed and what its
aims really are.  Everyone needs to understand what is really
happening in order to put a stop to it before we head into
extinction as a species.  It is the darkest picture any of us could
have imagined facing, but face it we must if we want to survive. 
Some new items: Catherine Austin Fitts discusses the human body as
the new form of collateral that will underlie the digital economy; a
video on how we came to a matter-oriented theory of existence and a
video on the holographic nature of reality.*
* *Book review. Something else we need urgently to understand is that
this whole universe is electrical, including everything around us
and our bodies.  We saturate the planet with alien microwave
radiation at our peril.  An excellent new book calledThe /Electric
Ecosystem///opens the door to the electric life of the natural
world. It is a scientifically substantiated introduction to the
unseen energy dimensions of humans, animals, plants and the earth.
Amazingly, a very old story by E. M. Forster, from 1909, warns us
about what the globalists have in mind for us.  It makes horrifying
but necessary reading.*
* *The Commentsection (pp. 60-73) provides a number of interesting
insights into our current predicament: depopulation and using the
guilt generated by the original sin meme to promote it.*
* *The Conspiracysection (pp. 73-79) includes a must-see message from
“Bill Gates”; injection as a fate worse than death (Catherine Austin
Fitts) and turning people’s bodies into commodities (Robert F.
Kennedy Jr.); manipulation through EMFs, a fascinating infographic
on the depopulation trifecta of big tech, big science and big
pharma; the deep state; the riot conspiracy; financial crime; the
murder of police; and a must-see expose of the illegality of the
plandemic by David Martin.*
* *The Covidiotic(or humour) section has the usual parade of complete
lunacy, if possible taken to even new lows this week as couples are
told to wear masks while love-making and new UK rules on not having
sex in your own home (although you can in the garden).*
* *Once again, the section on Crimes Against Humanityshows how the
very old and very young are being targeted.  *
* *The 5G rollout section reprises some key information for newcomers
to the dangers of 5G and the asphyxiation dangers of 60 GHz, and
shows that, as an unlicensed (free) frequency, it is set to become
the new standard.  It also explains why 2.4 GHz became the earlier
standard. Information also on the dangers of satellite dishes, the
US national security implications of 5G technologies, Google
cancelling the Toronto “smart” city project, and horrible EMF
exposure levels in Calgary, Canada.*
* *The Disinformationsection provides a selection of the latest
disinformation from the mainstream and even the alternative media.*
* *The Dissentsection (p. 98) contains only two items: one criticising
the legal aspects of lockdowns and martial law and the other a
protest from three airlines to the UK government on the ‘wholly
unjustified’ UK quarantine plan.*
* *5G / Coronavirus health aspectscovers tree health; the
unreliability of Covid death statistics; mysteriously missing
pneumonia deaths; the depredations of the 5G satellites; strange
shenanigans (again) at WHO, which declared that asymptomatic
carriers could not spread the virus and then rapidly retracted that
information because it completely explodes the grounds for mandatory
vaccines; how viral infections are aggravated by electromagnetic
fields; how the plandemic relates to 5G (torsion fields); a European
Parliament briefing that acknowledges that 5G “seems to have” [sic]
biological effects (another case of shutting the stable door after
the horse has bolted!); a BBC interview with Mark Steele; the ethics
of telling people they can shield themselves against a planet
“blanketed” with 5G; and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation
for anyone with implants (a class action lawsuit would be in order
on these grounds alone!).*
* *The Hoax section explodes the fake news on 5G and “coronavirus: the
absurdity of forcing people to wear masks, the suppressed report
written by a German government official revealing the plandemic,
**a* *ridiculous predictive programming story from India about
monkeys and plagues of locusts, **and how you clap the carers as
heroes and then fire them.  Last but not least, supposedly
prestigious medical journals /The Lancet/ and the /New England
Journal of Medicine/ turn out to be just more parts of the
presstitute media for trashing hydroxychlorine with fabricated data
organized by a science fiction writer and adult content model.*
* *The Newssection (pp. 121-127) attempts to get a handle on the Black
Lives matter / Antifa / Soros psyop, all of which has happened since
the last Briefing, when we were just about to be released from
lockdown.  In just 12 days, we went from what seemed to be a
racially motivated killing to a global Soros psyop along the lines
of all his earlier colour revolutions, with the US police becoming
the targets and Floyd’s family writing to the UN to ask for the US
police to be disarmed.  Also various good and bad news from around
the world.*
* *The Police Statesection discusses lockdowns and martial law, police
violence, the lunacy of UK lockdown-easing rules on where you can
and can’t have sex with a partner, the terrifying reality of contact
tracing and a must-see warning from George Orwell.*
* *Programming the public for the NWOis the most important section in
this Briefing.  After this relatively short journey of just a few
months, we have already arrived at the rollout of the New World
Order.  It’s called “The Great Reset”.  It was all set out by the
Club of Rome’s Worldshift in 2011 and that is where you find the
wish list of the oligarchs to achieve a Maoist Cultural Revolution. 
The boxes are rapidly being ticked one by one: attack the family,
attack communities, attack nation states, end reproduction, etc.  In
this section, we learn that Kill Gates wants babies to be removed
from mothers at birth, families are anti-queer factories rife with
power asymmetries and violence, Prince Charles believes the pandemic
is a chance to reset the global economy, Madonna says the police
must be disarmed, Wired magazine tells us we cannot return to the
old ways, UK Column explains that the fascist takeover is called
“repurposing government”, Michael Moore reports on the banning of
his free documentary “Planet of the Humans” because he questions the
hijack of the environmental movement [which is just a cover for the
eugenics movement], and – in a must-see video – Richie from Boston
reveals the long-term psychological programming that enables the
destruction of society: demoralisation, destabilisation, crisis,
* *The section on Resistancediscusses lawful rebellion under the
collapse of the rule of law and a Manifesto of the Free People’s Union.*
* *The Spacesection discusses different aspects of the 5G satellites,
including the horrible news that the bankrupt OneWeb is filing for
permission to launch 48,000 satellites in order to help sell the
company.  This would bring the total proposed in the US alone to
around 100,000.*
* *The Solutions / inspiration section (pp. 139-162) is ongoing and
added to with ideas from time to time.  It is very diverse, with
ideas from maintaining your health to natural law to resistance.*
* *The section on Vaccinationsis another vital section, packed with
advice and information.  We need to stop calling Gates’ proposed
vaccine by this name as it is nothing of the sort.  Injectible
surveillance components, injectible credit cards, injectible
brain-machine interfaces and nano-particles are not medicines. 
Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine against spirituality — exactly
what the Pentagon was developing as of 2012. *
* *Appendix 1 contains extensive facts and graphs about Covid-19 in
selected countries from Swiss Policy Research.*
* *Appendix 2reproduces the abstract of a paper on
electrohypersensitivity as a neurologic pathological disorder.*
* *Appendix 3 contains miscellaneous uncategorised items from other
* *Appendix 4consists of a list of companies that support Antifa.* 


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