Always Learning — why the ultra high voltage DC ??!?

It’s in Arthur Firstenberg’s book that DC is “natural” and alternating
current is unnatural and AC was adopted because it resulted in less
power loss.

See this excerpt from the summary of his book (attached)

/7. Acute Electrical Illness//
/During the 1880s, London was supplied with direct current, but certain
/had discovered that the distribution of alternating current generated
fewer ohmic losses in//
/the wires. There followed a battle of the currents, even though many
scientists, including//
/Edison, strongly criticized the more dangerous effects of alternating
current. Ironically, it’s//
/precisely because alternating current is more harmful that it is used
in the electric chair. And//
/as everyone knows, the electrical current of the power grid is…
/In 1889, full-scale electrification was carried out in the USA and,
shortly thereafter,//
/in Europe. That same year, as if by chance, doctors were inundated with
cases of flu, which//
/had until then appeared only infrequently. The victims’ symptoms were
far more//
/neurological in nature, resembling neurasthenia, and did not include
respiratory disorders.//
/The pandemic lasted for four years and killed at least a million people./

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On Saturday, December 12, 2020 7:07 AM, Conspira Org
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seems awfully odd that anyone would buck
the already-everywhere / world-proven AC power grid
if it was so excellent.
maybe .. was our whole AC power grid system just another gigantic
poisonous trick all along ??!
Does DC field cause less cancer? less leukemia?
India’s ultra high voltage DC power transmission project – YouTube

The extensive video indicates the system is already very much developed.
~2:00 in — what the hell is a “12-pulse converter” ? “Pulsed” anything
makes no sense in regards to constant DC power.
Very interesting for anyone who thought Tesla’s AC system was
universally accepted.

very good
brazil: (posted 2012! produced 2000!!)

indian tech:

oz underground hvdc

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