Is China invading the US?

*Is China invading the US?*

Okay, guys, now I know things are getting seriously, seriously weird,
and this is the most outrageous yet, but you have to understand that,
whether or not this particular report is correct, there is no doubt that
a war IS going on and that that war is on humanity.  Anyone who argues
with this must have had their head in a bucket for the whole of 2020. 
There is no virus, there is no pandemic, and the UN and virtually all
governments are screwing with our minds, our health, our economies and
our civil liberties.  Indisputable.  If you do choose to dispute it,
stop reading now and just let me know that you want me to unsubscribe
you.  I’m not interested in communicating with bucket-heads.  I don’t do
this to win plaudits – I do this to find the truth.

So the question is, is this plausible?  Well, if you understand what I
explained a few days ago about the banksters’ pivot to Asia, you
understand that this is nothing to do with any pandemic, but is a global
putsch to expropriate every individual on the planet and place ownership
of everything in the hands of the oligarchs, and that technocracy has
already been installed in China and China is intended by those oligarchs
to be the new hegemon ruling the world (and by the way, this time they
can dispense with 95% of the population while they’re at it, which is
what the vaccine + nanoparticles + electromagnetic radiation is all
about = binary weapon).  If China is intended to be the new hegemon,
that means bye-bye America and its massive military, which would be the
only threat to this plan (apart from Russia).  Not quite sure if Europe
and the “first-world” countries are the real target of the fake
pandemic?  Check out the world charts on “infection rates”.

Also, if you follow what has gone on with this stolen election, most if
not all of the voting machines trace back to China.  China handed over
400 million dollars to Dominion just weeks before the election.  And
there is much, much more.  The Bidens’ massive corrupt ties to China. 
There is enough material in terms of the stolen election and the
brazenness with which it was done to provide a certain level of
plausibility for this “Chinese invasion” report.

And then if you read through this report from “Stop World Control”, the
direct evidence from various parties is compelling.  Unless he is
misquoted here, I am familiar with the work of Kevin Annett and believe
his witness statement.  None of us knows what on earth is going on, but
one thing is for sure: locking down the entire world population and
destroying people’s lives and economies was not justified by a pandemic
that never was.  So whatever you might think is going on, no way is that it.

It really is time to start praying.  I’ve been praying intensely for
quite some months, and bear in mind that I am not remotely religious. 
If we want to see a particular outcome from all of this, we need to
define what that outcome would look like, and we need to be visualising
it with all our hearts, and praying that all the good people of this
planet come together to make sure it happens.  Personally, I am a
relentless optimist.  Everything is still to play for – and that means
our planet.  As my mum used to say, “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

*World War III may have begun. Are you prepared?*

And Mike Adams’ stolen election update adds plausibility to the above
report: Situation Update, Dec. 13th – Gen. Perna announces “vaccine
D-Day… the beginning of the end”:

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