Vaccine campaigner suddenly dies – GoFundMe campaign needs support

Yet another coincidence!  Isn’t it funny how significant people, like
Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, suddenly up and die at such
strategic moments?

*Vaccine campaigner suddenly dies – GoFundMe campaign needs support –

Brandy Vaughan used to be a representative for Merck, selling Vioxx,
until she discovered the dangers of vaccines.  This is her website,
which educates people about the dangers of vaccines: <>

Brandy Vaughan.jpg

And this is the message from her friend, who is stepping forward not
only to undertake the upbringing of Brandy’s nine-year-old son, but also
to ensure that her work goes forward at this time.  [In my view,
Brandy’s work could make the difference between the survival and the
deletion of the human race.  Please support the GoFundMe campaign.]

/A good friend, amazing warrior, and loving mom, Brandy Vaughan of Learn
The Risk has passed. I want to confirm here, because I can’t easily
respond to all of the messages and texts coming in. Prayers for her 9
year old son, her dogs, her cats… Her son was her world. Her son is in
safe hands currently.  We don’t have many answers yet — please try to
avoid engaging in rumors out of respect to her and her son. Thanks to
all who have been reaching out to offer condolences, and asking for ways
you can help. We are so deeply saddened by this news. /

/The money will be used as per Brandy’s wishes (she always worried about
leaving this earthly realm early): /
/* Any necessary legal action, autopsy, or paperwork filing. (To be
/* Helping to put on a memorial/funeral in honor of Brandy./
/* Towards keeping her lifelong mission in motion!/
/Brandy had recently hired someone new to recreate her website, and the
funds will help finish that project. We will need to pay for her storage
for materials, until relocated.  Mailbox fees. Possible legal fees and
filing fees. New materials will need to be ordered, and we would like to
put up several billboards in her honor… as a GIFT to this amazing soul. /

/It would mean so much to Brandy to see us come together during these
challenging times. She always said that she created her platform for ALL
OF US! We want all of her hard work kept alive! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING
never been a more important time to educate and empower others!! We need
to keep her hard work and legacy alive!/

/I am a good friend, business supporter, and soul-sister to Brandy
Vaughan. She has asked me many times over the years to take care of her
son, and keep her mission alive, if anything ever happened to her. I
will do my  best to honor her wishes, and I need your help!! I can not
let her down. Her mission, is my mission, and has been since the onset
of her internal warrior coming alive! /

/This past Thanksgiving she took a road trip with her son to come spend
the holiday with our family. We enjoyed an amazing dinner, played games,
and laughed together. She told me that this is what she always dreamed
of for her son, to be part of a large family enjoying time together…
and wanted me to raise him for her, if anything should happen to her (as
she had asked multiple times in the past). This last time that she asked
was exactly 8 days before her passing.  She told me that she needed to
get everything on paper and legalized soon, and would work on it when
she got back home. My heart is broken./

/** Brandy entrusted me as her legacy contact on Facebook also…
because she TRUSTED ME like no other! /

/Please do NOT entertain any drama — Brandy deserves to have her wishes
HONORED! I will do my best to oversee everything that she asked me to
take care of for her. I didn’t imagine me ever needing to follow
through. My heart hurts, but I will fight for my friends honor!/

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