Essential reading: Summary of EMF*D: 5G Wi-Fi & Cell phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself

A correspondent has produced an excellent summary (*PDF ATTACHED*) of
Dr. Mercola’s book entitled “EMF*D: 5G Wi-Fi & Cell phones: Hidden Harms
and How to Protect Yourself”.  I strongly recommend that you read it
because this information is essential if you want to understand why you
must and how you can protect yourself from exposure to electromagnetic
radiation, which is ubiquitous and becoming more so by the day.
Of course, this does not mean that you will escape the 5G weapon and the
100+K 5G satellites or HAARP, but while we are working on stopping
these, you do need this information.  It may also help you understand
why it is essential for you to smash your mobile phone.  I have spent
two years telling people all the different ways that their phone is
killing them but the breakthrough is not yet here.  They are so addicted
that they would sooner die than get rid of their phone.  I say it again:
*Please choose.  Planet or phone?  It’s up to you.*

*EMF*D: 5G Wi-Fi & Cell phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself*
*Dr. Joseph Mercola, published in 2020*

Notes. Numbers at the end of sentences are references listed in the
original book for each chapter.
‘The Great Bird Flu Hoax’ is another book by Dr Mercola.
*Table of Contents*
Chapter 1: Understanding EMFs 3
The importance of pulsed vs. non-pulsed EMFs 3
Extremely low frequency EMFs 4
Magnetic fields vs. electric fields 4
The health effects of magnetic fields 4
Another source of radiation that is harmful to your health: dirty
electricity 4
Many still don’t have electrical services 5
Introduction of X-rays foretells EMF dangers 5
Another example of failed dangerous technology: the shoe-fitting
fluoroscope 5
Microwave ovens usher a massive uptick in EMFs into homes 6
What all this connectivity adds up to 6
Chapter 2: 5G the biggest health experiment ever 6
Another creature altogether: millimeter waves 7
The small cells are coming 7
The real reason 5G is being deployed. It’s not for your benefit 8
You won’t be able to opt out of 5G coverage or the radiation that comes
with it 8
5G antennas will even infiltrate your house 8
The health dangers of MMW exposure 9
MMW exposure can cause pain 9
5G could alter all biological life and change the environment in
unforeseen ways 10
Small reasons for hope: a brief history of resistance to 5G 10
The best alternative to 5G – fiber-optic networks 10
Chapter 3: cell phones are the cigarettes of the 21
century 10
The tobacco industry purposefully lied to the public for decades 10
Funding biased research 10
Spending millions to sway legislators 10
Creating conflicts of interest 10
Funding studies of questionable design 10
Broadcasting the message that the science is inconclusive 10
Smearing scientists who find problems with cell phones 11
‘’Capturing” the Federal Communications Commission 11
How the wireless industry influences government policy 11
Chapter 4: how EMFs damage your body 11
A new understanding of EMFs and your biology; it all starts with calcium 12
The connection between EMF exposure and calcium 13
The problem with excess calcium in your cells 14
Superoxide: a beneficial free radical with a dark side 15
The relationship between the food you eat and damage caused by EMFs 16
Hydroxyl free radicals 16
Meet nitric oxide: another beneficial free radical with a dark side 17
Peroxynltrite may be one of the most damaging molecules in your body 18
Why you likely have never heard of peroxynitrite 18
Non-ionizing radiation also damages your DNA 19
All living things are vulnerable to EMFs 20
Insect populations are being decimated 20
Plants aren’t exempt either 20
Disease-causing bacteria appear to be emboldened by EMF exposure 20
The animal kingdom is also affected 20
The population most vulnerable to EMF damage: children 20
Children’s brains are particularly at risk of damage 21
Exposure starts in utero 22
A link between EMF radiation and ADHD? 22
EMFS and increased autism risk 22
Emotional effects of EMFs on children 23
Apple changed its screen time guidelines for children 24
Some countries recognize the risk 24
Chapter 5: EMFs and disease 24
Ringing in your ears (tinnitus) 24
Cataracts 25
Disruption to your blood-brain barrier 25
Impaired sleep and reduced melatonin 25
EMFs also disrupt your intestinal barrier 25
Increased toxin absorption 26
Cancer 26
Heart disease 27
Neuropsychiatric illnesses 27
EMFs and the mechanisms of mood 27
Neurodegenerative diseases 28
Accelerates aging 28
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome 28
Infertility 29
Chapter 6: how do you repair EMF-related damage? 30
The history of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide 31
Some of the most important molecules in your body 31
Other NAD coenzymes 32
NADPH: the battery of your cell 33
Antioxidants without NADPH aren’t as helpful as you might think 33
How to increase your NADPH levels 33
Niacln therapy 38
NRF2 is a key pathway to keep you healthy 39
This common mineral can also help: magnesium 41
Chapter 7: how to protect yourself from EMFs 42
Priority no. 1: reduce exposure to EMFs within your home 42
Priority no. 2: increase the distance between you and the EMFs you can’t
avoid 44
Priority no. 3: reduce outside sources of EMF 44
Priority no. 4: shield yourself & your home from EMFs you can’t
otherwise remediate 44
Chapter 8: the path from here 45
Insurance companies to the rescue? 45
Push back against the adoption of ‘SMART’ technologies 46
Push your community to adopt a fiber-optlc alternative to 5G 46
Your closing to-do lists 46
Resources 47
Other product recommendations 47
Educational resources 47
Appendix A: Damaging effects of excessive peroxynitrite 48
Appendix B: Studies that demonstrate harmful effects of EMFs 49

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