South African music video Stop 5G Weeping World by Children of Earth #WeDoNotConsentTo5G

*South African music video Stop 5G
*Weeping World by Children of Earth #WeDoNotConsentTo5G

We Do Not Consent To 5G!!! We do not consent to the harmful health and
environmental damage that 5G brings with it. We do not want even more
harmful health effects than we are already dealing with, with 2G, 3G and
4G frequencies. We do not want our children getting sick. The science is
in. The safety guidelines are outdated and fraudulent and we request
that the government take a look at the international appeal and act
accordingly once the updated peer-reviewed facts have been viewed by
relevant departments.” The group are not opposed to progress but say
that the roll-out of 5G is an assault on every biological life-form,
including plants, insects, animals and people. “If the health
implications aren’t enough to make people concerned, South Africans
especially should take note, that the amount of extra energy that 5G
will need will rise exponentially. That, coupled with the environmental
damage due to mining for rare earth minerals needed for 5G tech and
smart phones for example, should really raise the alarm.”

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Made with #Love <>for all the
#Rebels <>rising around the world
for our #Future <>This is an
#OnGoingProject <>for the
#OnGoingBattles <>for our
#WeepingWorld <>and the
#ChildrenOfEarth <>.
Created collectively by some of South Africa’s & the world’s finest
musicians producers and studios.

This song has been a labour of love, one of the songs for the
#OnGoingProject <>for
#OnGoingBattles <>for our
Earth and the Children of Earth. Huge thanks, love and respect to
everyone involved #AlutaContinua
<>Contributing artists:
Mabi Thobejane – Cid Trvaglia – Napalma – Amandla! KaShaka – Umaah
ScreamingSun Khumalo – Judgement – Undivided Roots – Kingdom – Undivided
Roots – Sizwe Zakwe -Pretty Olifant – Steve Newman – Wendy Oldfield –
Dawn Morey – David Tomsu – Shamanzi – Free Haine – Paul Seaman – Captain
& Hobbes – Jami Nash – Animalia Learning Center Kids – Cns Major – Alex
Denholm – Holly Taylor – Name On The Drum – Brandon Kayat – Sons of Shem
– Geoffrey Tracey – M’fece aka Jesus Ngubane – Simon Stengel – Kelly
Jade – Emma Kelly

Sincere Gratitude to all the producers and studios who went out of their
way to help in the creation of all the mixes of #WeepingWorld
<>: Barry Meintjies –
SleepyHollow / Marshall Music Midlands (Pmb, Kzn) Mark Whittaker –
Barron Rd Studio (Hillcrest, Durban) Johnny Blundell – RootSpring
(CapeTown) Alex Denholm – Banging Chill Out / Juan Thyme (UK) Storyline
Studios – Monteseel (aka Name On The Drum) Moonshine Lanmower (South
Coast, Durban) Contact them via Facebook should you need their skills in
your area!! Details @
different mixes of the same song (so far) – something for everyone…

it up #Loud <>& Enjoy!!

NEW ACTION REQUIRED – (Edit – August 2020) #ManyHandsMakeLightWork

ACTIONS regarding the latest law regarding the erection of 5G masts on
private Property: #Please <>COPY
AND PASTE as directed in either the short submission or if you want more
info and detail, head over to the more detailed submission letter. Copy
and paste info into your own email and then either write your own copy
or only use some of the context in your own words please. Even if you
only write a short paragraph saying: “I object to the erection of cell
phone masts on my property or anywhere near me because the technology is
untested… etc… etc…”

(If we all just copy and paste the whole letter, they tend to disregard
the submissions and define them as a ‘petition’ which only counts as a
single submission).

#Please <>CHIP IN to our fund
raising drive for legal fees to get government to declare a moratorium
on 5G please do that and also share as widely as possible. No amount is
too small. Account Name: Account Name: Stop 5G Capitec Bank Account
1349649943 Woodstock Branch number: 470010 SWIFT Code NEDSZAJJ IBAN
9408957 or Paypal:
<>4.Lastly, if you have not already done it,
head over to the Dear South Africa site and fill out their
you SO MUCH – now #please <>share
this link widely:

Facebook Page for Safe Gen F*ve for South Africa –
5G South Africa aka (fb) Safe Gen F*ve for South Africa

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