Fwd: COVID-19 Injected People Becoming a Threat to Public Health and Safety

VAXXIDENTS ON THE RISE — mini strokes?

Saw another terrible accident this am, in the strangest of places —
seemingly impossible crash scene, and extremely brutal damage.  Saw two
more earlier this week and a head-on collision on straightaway.  Three 
weeks ago a car was crashed up on top of the jersey wall on I270 north. 
I’ve been in the toxic DC area for 50 years and have never seen this
before, and heard of it only once before, decades ago.  The car must
have been airborne to have gotten up where it was.  It seems to me that
the frequency and brutality of car crashes is up sharply within the past
month or so.

“A document published by Pfizer during their trials of their COVID-19
mRNA shots is making its way around the Internet today where it appears
that they warned participant members of coming in contact with others
not part of the trial, including pregnant women. The title of the
document is: “PF-07302048 (BNT162 RNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccines)”. It can
be found in many places on the Internet right now, including the New
England Journal of Medicine.


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