The magnetofection conspiracy unravels,​ 17 June 2021

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The conspiracy to commit genocide through the “Covid” scam unravels day by
day.  Now we find out that the crook who made the fake “Covid”
PCR test shares the same address with a company that may be responsible for
causing people to become magnetic by supplying products not intended for human
use to the non-vaxxine makers (see “Purchaser Notification” below) 

Jane Ruby (,
a health economist, reveals that
the company that may be responsible for supplying the non-vaxxine manufacturers
with products for magnetofaction, to drive the lipid nanoparticles into the
cells of the bodies of the vaxxenated, shares the same Berlin address with
Christian Drosten, the man behind the
fake PCR test, who has been pinpointed by Dr Reiner Fuellmich as the man who
made the plandemic possible (

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