UPDATE: One to watch: Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea By Craig Murray June 29, 2021

Well, it appears that the incompetent Brits left their plans for provoking Russia behind a bus stop in the rain so now we know all about the provocation being totally premeditated and calculated.  Wow!  All the time we are told how we will be surveilled by hordes of drones and ubiquitous AI, and the truth of the matter is that incompetent cretins along the lines of the half-witted overgrown schoolboy Matt Hancock (god grant me that I may never have to see that annoying face or hear that annoying voice ever again!) leave secret documents at bus stops.  Of course, this is being reported by the BBC, the propaganda arm of the British leg of the Cabal, so we have to stay on the alert for smelling a rat, but still …
Classified Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stophttps://www.bbc.com/news/uk-57624942
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Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea
By Craig Murray CraigMurray.org.uk  June 29, 2021
… The legality of the British action is, at very best, moot. In realpolitik, it is an act of brinkmanship with a nuclear power and further effort to ramp up the new Cold War with Russia, to the benefit of the military, security services and armaments companies and the disbenefit of those who need more socially useful government spending. It is further an act of jingoist populism for the neo-liberal elite to distract the masses, as the billionaires’ incredible wealth continues to boom.
NATO will shortly commence a naval exercise in the Black Sea. As not all the member states of NATO are quite as unhinged as Johnson, it is to be hoped it will refrain from this kind of extra layer of provocation. There is a large part of me that says they cannot possibly be mad enough to attempt to intervene in Ukraine with military force, or at least its threat. But then I look at Johnson and Biden, and worry. This can all go horribly wrong.
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