Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinated walking time bombs by Claire Edwards, 26 July 2021


GO walking time bombs.png

a new video, La Quinta Columna reveal that
oxide (GO) has been found in saline solution
and they deduce that the use
of GO use is much, much more widespread and started much earlier than just the
“Covid” vaccines.
Babies have been found to be magnetic, and people who have not taken the
“Covid” jab or been PCR tested or worn masks are also exhibiting
magnetism, so it has to be coming from elsewhere. They deduce that the GO
has been used in all vaccines, including tetanus, meningitis, children’s
vaccines, etc., for some years.

Quinta Columna says that GO was also in the 2018 flu vaccine and that could
account for why people exhibit magnetism despite not having had the
“Covid” vaccine.  This could also account for the high number of
“flu” deaths after the 2018 flu vaccine campaign. 

also accounts for the fact that so many people died in Wuhan. The Chinese
government had made the flu jab compulsory for the population right before they
turned on the tens of thousands of brand new 5G antennas in Wuhan. 
Similarly, the old people in Milan who died had also been flu jabbed and there
were a high number of 5G antennas in Milan (see maps of antenna installations
in Italy as at March/April 2020, showing the Milan area as having the highest
number of “coronavirus” cases). …

[i] Physiological Saline Containing Graphene:

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