Graphene Integrated Photonics (GIP) optical devices that aim to enable 5G to support rapidly increasing global data traffic volumes for 2024-2025

Graphene Integrated Photonics (GIP) optical devices that aim to enable 5G to support rapidly increasing global data traffic volumes for 2024-2025
Graphene Integrated Photonics (GIP) optical devices that aim to enable 5G to support rapidly increasing global data traffic volumes for 2024-2025.png
Dear XXX
Ugh!  Not a day goes by but some new and more horrendous information arrives.
I’ve just gone to their site ( and read their document, which makes very dispiriting reading.  I have highlighted the most important information in it and posted it on my website at and given it the [intended-to-be] explanatory title “Graphene Integrated Photonics (GIP) optical devices that aim to enable 5G to support rapidly increasing global data traffic volumes for 2024-2025“.
Yes, the graphene oxide (GO) is to be used layered with silicon in chips for some new devices, which will meet the hugely increasing demand for data transfer in the coming years (and when i say “coming”, they mean 2024-2025).  These devices will be added to new 5G masts, which Ericsson is producing at a rate of half a million per year.  This will greatly increase the amount of information whizzing about, improving video streaming and so forth, but importantly these devices will be needed for the massive data centres that are part of the Internet of Things/Internet of bodies/Technocracy agenda.  Let us remember that the massive data centres are to be used to monitor all of us in our “smart” city prisons, or indeed in the prisons of our own bodies if we have been moronic enough to allow ourselves to be injected with the graphene-oxide-based non-vaxxine bioweapons.  (Please note that I have yesterday posted a number of the vaxxine contracts with various countries plus the EU on my website:
And importantly, this new call for investment in the development of these new devices is about converting electrons to photons and back again, which is what will enable the massive increase in speeds of data transfer.  They also note that wireless technology is moving in this direction, of using light.
Ominously, let us remember that our bodies function with photons, from which we derive 80% of our energy, and only 20% from food.  Arthur Firstenberg, although greatly discredited by his alliance with the depopulationists of the Club of Rome so we have to examine everything he says very carefully for disinformation, says that LiFi (modulating light to enable data transfer as opposed to the current WiFi) would kill us even faster than WiFi.  I therefore see this revelation about these new devices using graphene oxide as an ominous development, with a vastly greater potential for killing us even faster in new, unimagined and scientifically unexamined ways.
And while we are on this topic, I would like to point out that I started my journey with 5G and I am still on 5G, despite all the intervening distractions of “Covid”, masking, lockdowns, loss of civil liberties, global putsch, digital reset and all the rest of it.  So let me briefly reiterate that I anticipated “Covid” in March 2019 as soon as I saw the WHO announce the new “disease X” in its report published that month.  I said to myself that “disease X” would be the cover for the use of the electromagnetic weapon, and I was right.  It now turns out that, in addition to what we know about the first cities hit with “Covid” being those cities that had rolled out 5G (Milan and Wuhan), the inhabitants of Wuhan and the elderly in Milan had all been injected with flu vaccines, which all contained graphene oxide already (this is according to La Quinta Columna, who also say that the vaccines administered to children in the vaccine schedule in recent years would also have contained GO).  And the combination of GO and 5G killed them because any metal particles or prostheses or pacemakers, etc. in the body are acknowledged even by the phenomenally corrupt and evil ICNIRP itself to become antennas reradiating the devastating EMR further into the body.  I explain this in this article:  What I did not mention is that GO has the capacity to exponentially amplify signals up into the terahertz range, which obliterates DNA. 
The symptoms of “Covid” and exposure to electromagnetic radiation are acknowledged to be “similar” (I would say identical) by doctors versed in electrohypersensitivity (see a partial comparison based on only three sources that I published in this article:  Had I used more sources, I could have matched all the symptoms.  And I further note that in an interview a couple of days ago, Dr. Zev Zelenko stated that a cure for “Covid” involves getting zinc into the body (  Such that is is not hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin that cure “Covid”, rather it is their capacity to act as carriers for zinc that enable the cure.  And guess what?  Those who are labelled as “electrohypersensitive” also suffer from a zinc deficiency!  A must-read article by an Italian doctor further explains, in detail, the strikingly similar pathology between EHS and “Covid”:  I have a web page on the 5G-“Covid” connection:
i conclude by asserting that we have only one problem and all other problems that people are distracted by are precisely that: distractions.  The Great Reset is above all a financial great reset and it needs 5G, 6G, etc. in order to be possible.  Similarly, Agenda 2030 and technocracy require these faster wireless speeds.  Do not be deceived into thinking that all we need to do is persuade policymakers that we should put everything on fibre-optic cable and we would be safe.  Wireless is the requirement for all of this incoming agenda: “smart” prison cities, social crediting, digital currency, cognitive warfare (which is what “Covid” and everything associated with it is, although the worst by far is yet to come if we allow it – it is important to differentiate between the psychological warfare we are familiar with and “cognitive warfare” which is a war on your brain and your connection with reality).  The orchestrators of this agenda will never be persuaded away from wireless unless forced to.  See my web page on the 5G/wireless technology weapons hydra:–wireless-technology-weapons-hydra.html.
If we continue to allow ourselves to be duped into focusing on the distractions instead of on the single and overwhelming threat of wireless technology, then the human race is doomed to extinction.  If people knew a tiny fraction of what I know about the killer engines that are mobile/cell phones, they would drop them as if they were holding a black mamba (although the threat from black mambas is exponentially smaller).  Apart from anything else, these phones themselves are being used to transmit simulated pathogens, which can be done by using frequencies.  In this way, contagion among groups of associated people can be simulated (think “contact tracing”).
If the human race is to have a chance of surviving, people have to understand that by their use of mobile/cell phones, they are actually voting for their own enslavement, torture, and elimination, as well as for the complete destruction of the earth.  So far, I know about six people who have been willing to give up their mobile/cell phone and return to normal life in tune with the earth, which of course is also being destroyed by wireless technology. i.e. the infrastructure required for the functioning of mobile/cell phones and the Internet.  This is why I started this website page specially for Earth f*kers:
If anyone has taken the trouble to read the entirety of this email (and perhaps some of the linked articles), please answer me this question: Are you an Earth f”ker or are you For Life on Earth?
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