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Site map: Genocide (latest items appear at the top of the list)
  • Message to health care workers from La Quinta Columna: “Either you stop killing people or we will come after you to stop you doing this.” 5.8.21
  • MUST-WATCH: Reiner Fuellmich “We are dealing with megalomaniacs, psychopaths & sociopaths intent on genocide”, 3.8.21
  • Depopulation through forced vaccination – 2011 newspaper
  • Eudravigilance: 20,525 dead, 2 million injuries from vax as at 31 July 2021
  • UK: Midazolam was used to end the lives of thousands & an NHS document proves staff were ordered to do it, 2.8.21
  • Health professionals’ testimonies (Spain hospitals), 2.8.21
  • UK National Health Service made secret pandemic plan to deny care to elderly, 30.7.21
  • UK government policy turned care homes into death camps, 1.8.21
  • Senior UK National Health Service Board member warns: stop the genocide or our children are next, 18.4.21
  • Graphene oxide the vector for Covid-19 democide, 28.7.21
  • 5G, Vaccination, Nanoparticles and the Genocide of Humanity, 9.10.20
  • Quebec nursing home often gave morphine rather than treat COVID-19 patients, inquest told, 16.6.21
  • Video: People’s Union of Britain to lay charges of mass murder by government policy, 17.7.21
  • Richie Allen talks to Stuart Wilkie on the mass murder of old people in the UK 6.15.21 (begins at 1.04)
  • Midazolam used to mass murder old people in the UK, 6.7.21
  • Vaxxine-related deaths skyrocket, 14.7.21
  • The CDC and FDA  deliberately caused people to die by withholding treatment and should be criminally charged just like the Nazis in Nuremberg, 13.7.21
  • Scientists have examined the Pfizer ‘vaccine’, and what they found was horrific – it’s poison! 11.7.21
  • French government decree tells doctors to administer benzodiazepines to old people – contraindicated for respiratory problems – report p. 89
  • Midazolam, morphine & mass murder of old people by UK government policy, 8.7.21
  • GO used in biocidal aerosols & in intranasal vaccines for Covid-19, 3.7.21
  • Evil scientists & politicians are behind the genocide of humanity: Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, 11.7.21 (1.5 min. German video with English interpretation)
  • Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger WHO whistleblower – vaccines as a bioweapon to depopulate, 22.6.21
  • Argentine geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez: “I am demanding explanations from all those responsible for this genocidal plan”, 7.7.21
  • The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020, Claire Edwards
  • Chris Shaw, PhD: ethnically-targeted vaccine bioweapon, genocide, global putsch, 14.6.21
  • Transcript: UK Doctor – The Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines” and Genocide, 10.6.21 (+ Version française & Deutsch + Español)
  • Dr. Lee Merritt: The End Game of the Vaccines is Depopulation, 21.4.21
  • The Covid vaccine and depopulation; the beginning of the trail, 14.6.21
  • CDC: 5,888 dead 329,021 injuries from Covid-19 shots – more than previous 29 years of VAERS vaccine deaths, 12.6.21
  • 13,867 dead & 1,354,336 Injuries in EU Database of adverse drug reactions for Covid-19 shots, 4.6.21
  • Vandana Shiva: Divide & rule: The plan of the 1% to make you disposable
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits warns spike protein ‘vaccine’ may kill hundred of millions worldwide, June 2021
  • Mike Yeadon Warns Vaccines May Be Deliberate Depopulation Ploy, 5.4.21
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