Australia: your urgent help needed: please click on supreme court hearing to disrupt the media blackout (& please pass on this email to spread the word)

Please UNITE!
Australia needs your help NOW!
The plan is simple, Australia is being taken down by lawless politicians and unelected bureaucrats . There is a Supreme court hearing tomorrow and a media blackout. Not many know about this and this is our only hope.
We have AFL solicitors and G and B lawyers as well as Senator Craig Kelly  who are heroes to all who know what they are doing .What we need is for the link below to go viral and get as many hits as possible, so the Supreme Court is aware that the World is watching and it may keep them honest. This is the last stand. The Case starts at 9.30 am in Sydney please watch or at least hit the link at 9.30-9.45 AM Sydney NSW Australian time. please share link and pray. its all about the numbers. Pass it on!
Thank you from Australia xx
In other words, please click on this link as soon as you get this email and send on to others to also click on this link to show them that the world is watching.  Thank you!
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