The President of Croatia has had enough of the Covid lunacy:  “I start every day with CNN and those few channels. And I wonder if I’m normal or are they crazy. They spread panic.  They do it from the beginning. They are not the only ones.” 
And President Bolsonaro of Brazil, who is unvaxxenated, plans to defy New York mayor Bill deBlasio’s illegal requirement to require UN delegates attending the UN General Assembly next week to be vaxxenated.  The Russian ambassador pointed out that the requirement is “a clearly discriminatory measure” and a violation of the UN charter, which of course it is.
But hey, we are in the midst of the collapse of the rule of law.  These days, talking about the rule of law is a bit “old hat”.  That must be why UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres went against all those UN treaties that talk about informed consent to require certain staff to get themselves vaxxenated and required all UN staff to report their vaxxenation status.  In Vienna, it turns out only 50% of the staff have done so.  Hm, same figure as the President of Croatia mentioned are vaxxed in Croatia.  Looks like we the unvaxxenated, i.e. the sane, healthy, intelligent people who look forward to future generations of humans on this planet, are not in the minority after all!
One last point: how can we be called “anti-vaxx” when we are actually against having injected into us or our children an untested, experimental gene editing product that is producing millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths?  Shouldn’t we be called “anti-untested, experimental gene-editing products”?  It doesn’t quite trip off the tongue as well as “anti-vaxx”, I suppose.
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