The FLOE Show 4: Is there a connection between satanic ritual abuse and the plandemic?

We had a phenomenal amount of technical problems making this livestream.  No surprise there, then!  But we have edited the bits and put it together.  This information is vital for everyone to understand.  This is why you cannot get through to the Insane Vaxxed People (IVPs).  They have been broken by the techniques of satanic ritual abuse.  Please share widely.

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The FLOE Show 4: Is there a connection between satanic ritual abuse and the plandemic? 1 day ago

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The FOR LIFE ON EARTH (FLOE) Show 5 livestream
Who’s behind the eugenics agenda?
will be aired on Wednesday, 15 September at:
10 p.m. Vienna
9 p.m. London
4 p.m. USA New York /1 p.m. California
6 a.m. Australia
Joining the conversation will be Jolie Diane (USA), Claire Edwards (Europe), Rachael McIntosh (USA) & naturopath Ariyana Love (Finland)
Please pick up the link for the livestream on this page just before the show

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