5G – Coronavirus Briefing 11 April 2020

Please find attached *5G – Coronavirus Briefing 11 April 2020*

I did not manage to produce a briefing for 10 April as I was too busy
working on it so this is now dated 11 April and covers two days.  Even
so, I did not manage to get everything in.  The flow is just too great. 
Nevertheless, this one is packed with new information and, in
particular, plenty of information on the symptoms, with lots of people
describing electrical symptoms and even using the words “electric”,
“fizzing” and buzzing”.  They also talk about burning.  It’s getting
very obvious what we are dealing with, folks, and we are well on our way
to new Nuremeberg trials for the culprits, whom I have named in this
newsletter.  One of them has even come out and written an article about
how great it is to have a global plague: Lynne McTaggart, who reveals
herself to be a sidekick of the eugenicist Ervin Laszlo.  It’s time for
us to call out the murderers, folks!  If they are not complicit in this
conspiracy, they need to totally condemn it in no uncertain terms. 
GThere is also a lot of information here about the space aspect so
please read carefully.  No one is paying enough attention to the space
aspect and it looks as if Musk will soon have enough satellites to
switch on a constellation.  Watch this (actually “that”) space!

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