Gift of a global plague? You are an EVIL woman!

Ms. McTaggart

I see from your article “The gift of a global plague” that you are
signing up to the depopulation efforts of Ervin Laszlo and Club of
Budapest / Club of Rome

I very much hope that you do not know what you are a part of, but very
much fear that you do.  It is pure, unadulterated evil.  My disgust
knows no bounds.  How can you – as the whole world suffers under this
monstrous lockdown on the basis of a totally fake pandemic hoax
perpetrated by Bill Gates’ evil stooges at the WHO – tell people that
this is a gift and endorse Ervin Laszlo’s global coup?

The husband of a friend of mine languishes in frustration and sorrow
because his mother is dying and he cannot be with her at this time.  Ian
R. Crane is dying in a nearly empty UK hospital under lockdown, denied
family visitors or even bottled water and ice cream, despite the
likelihood that he will die in a matter of hours from cancer and a
strange, flesh-eating bacterial infection.  Here he speaks about his
situation, to the end more concerned for others than about his own


In countries in Africa, and in India, people who live from day to day
are dying of starvation because they cannot work.  Just a few examples
of the massive suffering caused by this fake pandemic, which has been
denounced by dozens of expert doctors and epidemiologists across the
world.  In numerous countries, doctors are being instructed to record
all deaths as associated with Covid-10 in order to artificially ramp up
the figures to convince people that large numbers of people are dying
because of Covid-19, whereas the truth is that the total number of
deaths is no higher than in any other year and may actually be lower
than average.

The world’s economy is being trashed and soon we may all starve. 

You call this a gift?  And you claim to be “spiritual” and compassionate?

The instigators and members of Club of Rome and Club of Budapest and
their numerous offshoots are eugenicists who have plotted to depopulate
the world for 40 years.  If you want to know what Club of Budapest is
all about, look no further than their subsidiary Worldshift and its
Wordshift 20 Declaration, authored by your evil friend Ervin Laszlo and
supported by none other than Deepak Chopra, who suckered in a whole host
of self-proclaimed spiritual people as “Evolutionary Leaders” to
collaborate in these evil plans for a “Worldshift”, i.e. a global coup
to expropriate everyone on the planet, cull 95% of the world’s
population and cyborgise the rest.  Here they are

Oh, but there you are yourself, right along there with them:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 23.37.03.png

Don Beck, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden,
Patrick Brauckmann, Rinaldo Brutoco, Jack Canfield, Scott Carlin, Deepak
Chopra, Andrew Cohen, Dale Colton, Wendy Craig-Purcell, Stephen Dinan,
Gordon Dveirin, Duane Elgin, Barbara Fields, Arielle Ford, Debbie Ford,
Ashok Gangadean, Kathleen Gardarian, Tom Gegax, Mark Gerzon, Charles
Gibbs, Craig Hamilton, Kathy Hearn, Brian Hilliard, Jean Houston,
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Van Jones, Ervin Laszlo, Bruce Lipton, Howard
Martin, Judy Martin, Fred Matser, Rod McGrew, Steve McIntosh, Lynne
McTaggart, Nipun Mehta, Nina Meyerhof, Deborah Moldow, James O’Dea,
Carter Phipps, Carolyn Rangel, Ocean Robbins, Peter Russell, Elisabet
Sahtouris, Yuka Saionji, Gerard Senehi, Christian Sorensen, Emily
Squires, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Lynne Twist, Diane Williams,
Marianne Williamson, Tom Zender

This is a global coup.  The globalists have said for decades what they
want and this was very clearly set out in 2011 by Ervin Laszlo, founder
of Club of Rome in Hungary and founder of Club of Budapest, the social
engineering arm of Club of Rome.  Club of Budapest is more significant
than Club of Rome in all of this.  They re-launched their “Worldshift”
movement last year and we are now in the middle of the biggest heist in
human history, benignly called a “Worldshift” by Ervin Laszlo and his
genocidal sidekicks.

This is what the Club of Budapest’s Worldshift 20 Declaration sets out:

Worldshift 20 Declaration:
Note that it is endorsed by Deepak Chopra.

In their own words:

* ·       The two biggest threats are global warming [which does not
exist] and nuclear weapons [no thoughts on eliminating the nuclear
industry then?]
* ·       “It is the responsibility of the people to choose leadership
that is knowledgeable and wise” [“visionaries and futurists” such as
the not very bright Nicolya Christi (leader of the Worldshift
movement), Ervin Laszlo, Deepak Chopra, etc. – they wouldn’t want
people thinking for themselves because they couldn’t trust people to
do that, right?]
* ·       We base ourselves on the Club of Rome Limits to Growth in 1972
* ·       “We need to replace the obsolete notions of nation-states” –
“Only global thinking can accomplish these ends” [presumably with a
one-world totalitarian government where Big Brother knows best]
* ·       We need a “whole-system shift” – “The human community needs
comprehensive structural reform” – “We need to leave everything we
know behindin order to get to where we need to go.” [Sounds like
Mao’s Cultural Revolution to me]
* ·       “A systemic thorough reinvention of every aspect of
humanity” [More Maoist Cultural Revolution]
* ·       “We are at a point in time when the spiritual dimension must
become paramount in issues of decision making.” [And what does that
mean, exactly?  Eliminating most of the population so that you can
have 50% wilderness areas by 2030 according to Agenda 21/2030?]
* ·       “Spirituality needs to be rearticulated in the light of a
global society. Spiritualitycuts across barriers of race and
religion, sex and nationality, and is therefore best suited for a
global community.” [Is this a new religion, then?  Soma, anyone?]
* ·       “Certain universal concepts … in the great religious
traditions of humanity. … need to be rediscovered and reaffirmed.”
[Soma, anyone?] “All states should establish an office for the
specific fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals” [later
morphed into the totalitarian, eugenicist Agenda 21/2030]
* ·       “Capital must be protected as other property rights” [Ah, so
we’re not reeeaaally as revolutionary as all that, are we?  But this
won’t be for ordinary people – this is just to reassure the rich to
buy into this bullshit]
* ·       A new bottom line must be established which incorporates the
well-being of the environment and of people as part of the social
bargain of society as a limited liability entity.” [Ah, society as a
corporation!  What a great idea!  Phew, I thought for a moment there
we might have been entertaining a real new paradigm.]
* ·       We must implement a proper valuation of the natural world
independent of human interests[Yes.  Let’s make ecocide a crime and
throw people in prison if they don’t recycle or regurgitate climate
change groupthink.]
* ·       National sovereignty must be balanced with universal norms
and values.” [One-world government, then.]
* ·       The human future and financial markets must be sustainable
[Key word.  It’s only sustainable if you kill the population.]
* ·       We need a “Global Environment Economy” [Do we?  I think we
need a local, community, human-scale economy.  The GEE is about
expropriating all our hard-earned assets and keeping us imprisoned
and debilitated in “smart’ cities while most of the world becomes
wilderness areas and the playground of the elite as per Agenda 2030.]
* ·       We must … partner one another through the greatest social
transformation ever known. [More Maoist Cultural Revolution. 
Destroy the family!  Kill thedegenerate intellectuals!]

In other words:

* Disenfranchise the people and install a “wise” dictatorship
* Smash the family
* Smash humanity
* Smash communities
* Smash society
* Smash nation states
* Eliminate 95% of humanity
* Ban reproduction (see representative quotes from Club of Rome
members and eugenicist “environmentalists” at
* Introduce one-world, totalitarian government
* Introduce digital currency
* Introduce a one-world, fake religion
* Cyborgise everyone (see tweet by Barbara Marx Hubbard, demonic
side-kick of Ervin Laszlo:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 23.44.46.png

To paraphrase you, our most dangerous enemies are not invisible,
all-pervasive, unpredictable or unvanquishable.  They are simply the
perpetrators of a hoax to make everyone believe in a non-existent
pandemic.  They are pathetic, grasping, cringing, half-witted
psychopaths hiding behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz while paying
their mindless cronies and stooges in government and the media to
facilitate genocide on their behalf.

Humanity will soon rise up, rediscover its autonomy and hunt down all
you genocidists: Ervin Laszlo, Bill Gates, UN Secretary-General Antonio
Guterres (member, depopulationist Club of Madrid), the FCC’s Tom
Wheeler, WHO’s Michael Ryan (“We’ll be coming for you in your homes”),
and ICNIRP’s lying Eric van Rongen and Maria Feychting, among others.

We will prosecute you for crimes against humanity in new Nuremberg
trials.  Don’t expect any compassion from us.  I’m saving mine for the
children and all the people who have been humiliated by being forced to
cower in their homes and wear face masks for no reason and made to
suffer emotional, psychological, financial or other traumas.

You are an evil woman, Lynne McTaggart.  You will receive your just
desserts for aiding and abetting this crime against humanity.

Claire Edwards <>
/Editor, United Nations (Retired)/
/Co-author, Editor, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in
Space/ <>

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