5G – Coronavirus Briefing 15 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing 15 April 2020*

There is once again a lot of material here, including on paedophilia,
the vaccine agenda, and the massive abuse that people are hurling at the
unelected multibillionaire depopulationist dictator Bill Gates.  Doctors
continue to speak out and explain carefully what is going on.

And some good news for a change: the US Surgeon-General is dropping the
Gates/CDC/WHO model and businesses in the US may be able to reopen in May.

Protests are breaking out about the lockdowns in various countries, and
people in the UK are burning down mobile/cell phone masts.  In
Switzerland and Germany, doctors and lawyers questioning the fake
pandemic are being battered by police and hauled off to be locked up in
psychiatric hospitals in shades of the Soviet Union.

UK and US newspapers are now starting to report people’s descriptions of
“coronavirus” symptoms and guess what they are: buzzing, fizzing,
“electrical”, burning skin, stabbing pains, etc.  Identical to the
symptoms experienced by so-called electrohypersensitive people, who are
the canaries in the coalmine – we don’t know why, but they feel exposure
to the environmental toxin that is electromagnetic radiation much
earlier and more intensely than everyone else.  If we allow 5G to be
rolled out unopposed, we will all experience this torture.

Brian Rose of LondonReal is inviting everyone to watch an uplifting
documentary he made called /Reconnect/ and asking everyone to get active
as a LondonReal Army, and Ty and Charlene Bollinger are running a free
series starting next week on /The Truth About Vaccines/.

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