5G – Coronavirus Briefing 17 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 17 April 2020*

*/The globalists’ coronavirus scam continues apace, but so does exposure
of the truth/*

* *The coronavirus conspiracy proceeds apace, with the globalists
advancing their agenda as the days go by.  Two self-appointed
“spiritual leaders” from Deepak Chopra’s Club of
Rome/Budapest-inspired Evolutionary Leaders have joined in the Club
of Rome/Budapest propaganda about a much-needed “worldshift” in
order to persuade us all that we need to accept the globalist
takeover and technocracy.**
* *Meanwhile, the exposure of the conspiracy is progressing well, with
commentators all over explaining what the real aims of the
globalists are and how long these plans to take over the world have
been in the making, with a lengthy video on this particularly from
Deborah Tavares, giving out very solid information in her usual
terrifying style.**
* *It is abundantly clear to people that Bill Gates and his tentacular
organisations are spearheading the takeover of the world and the
chipping of everyone and there is huge pushback to that on social
media.  Gates’ Microsoft has partnered with satanist Marina
Abramovic, revealing its true colours, as if one were in any doubt. 
Gates is telling everyone that life will never go back to normal and
people will need “immunity certificates” to be able to function in
society in future.  No certificate, no bank account or food or
emerging from imprisonment in your home.  Social media are now being
heavily censored, but still the number of videos being published
exposing the scam is overwhelming.  Gates is now being openly
challenged on vaccines by Robert F Kennedy.  Ty and Charlene
Bollinger will be running a */*Truth About Vaccines*/*series
starting this week (22 April).**
* *The popular pushback is sporadic, with people gathering in a couple
of cities in the US tooting their horns and protesting their loss of
livelihoods, and people protesting in Berlin and being arrested, and
in Belgium.  A full account of the worldwide dissent is given by
Dana Ashlie.**
* *More doctors are coming out against this nonsense.  Now we have
lawyers and doctors in Germany and Switzerland being locked up in
psychiatric hospitals for questioning the fake pandemic.  The UK
also has a law under the coronavirus regime allowing people to be
“sectioned” as they call it in the UK.**
* *Portugal is preparing a law on forced labour for young people.**
* *Joe Imbriano and Mark Devlin slate the stupidity of people
voluntarily wearing masks for no reason and obediently social
distancing at the shops.**
* *A veteran popular TV presenter in the UK was hung, drawn and
quartered in the media for mildly questioning the outright dismissal
by the British media of the connection between 5G and “coronavirus”
without even looking into it.  Dr Mercola establishes that the US
pandemic bill is designed to accelerate the 5G rollout.  Well, of
course, if you want to continue your pandemic, you’re going to have
to hurry to roll out the technology that enables it!**
* *More information is emerging about the clear connection between
wireless technology and the so-called coronavirus.  Doctors in
Intensive Care Units are describing the symptoms, the main one being
hypoxia, which reveals the clear connection with electromagnetic
radiation, especially 60 GHz, which prevents the absorption of
oxygen.  There are continued assertions that there will be second
and third waves of the “virus”, supported by accounts of
“reinfections”.  But how would you not have reinfections once people
go back into the electromagnetic radiation (wireless technology)
that made them sick in the first place?  Liechtenstein is clearly
going to do its best to ensure people become sick by forcing them to
wear bracelets that will wirelessly monitor their coronavirus status
and transmit that information to authorities.  We already have
evidence that “wearables” were making people sick and contributed to
the sickness on the cruise ships.  Plus, now we have a report that
around 100 members of the crew of one of the US Navy hospital ships,
Mercy, that was supposed to provide hospital care to “coronavirus”
victims, have fallen victim to “coronavirus” despite never coming
into contact with anyone with the virus.  Well, what a giveaway!  I
wonder if Mercy also has 5G installed, just as those cruise ships did.**
* *One wonders why old people (and not even that old) are being
targeted for death, which is a clear trend now.  And while we are on
the subject of shenanigans in hospitals, we have a report from one
doctor that US hospitals are losing tens of millions of dollars at
the moment and laying off health workers (doctors and nurses). 
That’s a bit strange, when they are supposed to be overwhelmed by
coronavirus victims.  But no, the nurses have so much time on their
hands that they can choreograph dances in the corridors while
wearing protective clothing and masks!  Yet more evidence – if any
more were needed – that this is a gigantic scam.**
* *The US accuses Russia of war-mongering after it launched an
anti-satellite weapon.  This after NATO declared space a domain of
warfare last December and Musk announced that his 5G satellites are
really mostly for the military!*

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