5G – Coronavirus Briefing 24 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 24 April 2020*

*/It all continues to unravel on the globalists/
*Once again today we have a bumper crop in the briefing.  It’s all
here.  Personally, I’m not sure that there is much that can be added
after this.  I think every aspect has been covered.  We have the history
of this murderous conspiracy going back over a hundred years, the
exposure of the plannedemic hoax in terms of medicine, vaccines and
economics, more information about the medical aspects, symptoms, etc.,
further exposure of the indisputable connection between 5G and
coronavirus, and another solution in the shape of a downloadable Notice
of Liability to protect yourself against vaccines.*

* *The conspiracy is exposed. Even the famously conspiracy-allergic
Arthur Firstenberg is coming out and saying that 5G and
“coronavirus” are linked. He tells us that the symptoms of
coronavirus are all classic symptoms or radiowave sickness.  And
there speaks the leader of an organisation to protect so-called
electrohypersensitive people, i.e. those who have already been
injured by the environmental toxin that is electromagnetic radiation. *
* *He also explains that masks are not to be recommended as they are
dangerous. It’s not just that they make you look like a “Covidiot”. 
And that lockdowns don’t achieve anything in terms of protecting
anyone.  All they do is trash the world economy and destroy our future.
* *We also have a Russian general succinctly exposing what is really
going on – the globalist take over, the cull of the population, and
the New World Order of AI, surveillance and technocracy, as many of
us have been explaining, some for a very long time.
* *Anyone who has not yet watched Cyrus Parsa’s take on the AI and
technocracy agenda needs to do so.  It is a terrifying warning and a
reminder that we have only one choice.  We cannot let this
beyond-nightmare happen.  What the globalists have planned for
humanity makes Orwell’s and Huxley’s dystopias look like Butlins
holiday camps!
* *GreenMedinfo has set up a helpful site called “Questioning Covid”.
* *Ben Fulford gives us more insights into the geopolitical fun and
games behind all this, although how much is made up and how much is
real only time will tell, but it’s always interesting.
* *The conspiracy is unravelled in a major way in an article produced
by Americans4innovation that takes us right back to Cecil Rhodes and
into the history of the Black Nobility to explain what is now going
on.  This again is essential to understand and a clear and helpful
interview is provided for that purpose.
* *There are a couple of inspiring talks from the Texas Lt. Governor
and from a US Sheriff who reminds us that all of this is illegal and
he has the courage to declare that he is not about to enforce
illegal orders.  Hooray for him!  We need more people like him.  But
we must each do this individually.  Without personal transformation,
we simply won’t make it.
* *More and more doctors are stepping forward to denounce the medical
fraud of this hoax plannedemic.  Dr. Cowan gives another excellent
interview, an anonymous respiratory doctor exposes the sham, and an
epidemiologist explains why none of this makes sense.
* *A number of people in the public eye are exposed in this edition of
the briefing, Fauci and Soros being just two of them,
* *We also see the NWO propaganda being rolled out in force from every
controlled media organ.  In this edition, we focus on the
conditioning carried out by an online journal called */*The
Conversation*/*, which is getting us used to what the globalists
hope we will accept as the new normal: no more work or income, food
rationing, imprisonment at home unless we accept vaccinations,
complete obeisance to our masters the oligarchs, permanent
surveillance, shit quality of life, sickness and shit food.
* *There is more discussion on the strange phenomenon of “Covid
toes”.  So much of the mayhem caused by this non-existent virus aka
5G is unprecedented.  This is what you notice when you listen to
everyone dealing with it.  Strange symptoms, treatments that would
normally work but in this case don’t.
* *The translation of a Spanish study showing the crystal clear
correlation between 5G and “coronavirus”.  This is right at the end
of the briefing as it is 15 pages long.*
* **And last but not least, a downloadable Notice of Liability to
protect your from being forced to accept vaccines.**
* *The Truth About Vaccines – a free online educational series with 60
experts started this week, on 22 April and is

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