5G – Coronavirus Briefing 21 April 2020

> *Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 21 April
> 2020*
> */NWO – New World Order or NO WORLD OPTION?/*
> * *In today’s briefing, we learn that WHO Director General Tedros
> **Adhanom Ghebreyesus**iis very pally with Gates, Fauci and China
> and has such a colourful past that one wonders how he ever came to
> be D-G of WHO.*
> * *More doctors are coming forward to denounce the fake
> plannedemic.  And the biggest common denominator is how many of
> them remark on this being the first time in all their years of
> practice that they have seen this or that symptom. A new symptom
> is Covid toes, again a symptom never seen before and inexplicable
> to the doctors.*
> * *Dr Buttar blows Fauci and Gates out of the water. Another doctor
> asks why the usual procedures are not being followed, why the
> means of diagnosis is vastly different from those normally used,
> anyone who dies of anything has to be listed as having died from
> Coronavirus, why bodies have to be cremated and why there are
> plans afoot for an unneeded and very dodgy vaccine.*
> * *The question is answered by the patent held by Bill Gates for a
> very creepy scheme to RFID chip everyone that may indicate a
> connection with hijacking consciousness … Not as far-fetched as
> it may seem if you consider the US and Russian militaries’ very
> long involvement in consciousness research, in the case of the
> Russians going back to the early twentieth century. Another doctor
> discusses the common Coronavirus symptom of hypoxia, lack of
> oxygen, which is explained in an interview with Joe Imbriano as
> being caused by electromagnetic radiation and in particular 60 GHz.*
> * *Yet another doctor can’t understand, on the basis of the figures,
> why we even have a lockdown and heavily criticises the very
> irresponsible reporting in the media.**  And today /The Wall
> Street Journal/ is exposed for running a fake science scam over
> Coronavirus. The Coronavirus/Covid-19 mass illusion is explained
> by Jon Rappaport – people are programmed to believe that they know
> something when all they have seen is a bunch of pictures edited
> together to suggest a false narrative.  A German article declares
> that the scam is over – no one has died from Coronavirus – they
> all had pre-existing health conditions.*
> * *The US Surgeon-General is an intelligent man and is dropping the
> Fauci/Gates’
> **OMG-it’s-AIDS-SARS-HIV-Disease-X-great-plague-wipe-out-everyone-everywhere-grim-reaper-to-strike-at-any-moment-let’s-all-panic-and-vaccinate-everyone
> **approach.*
> * *The exposure of the empty hospitals and idle hospital staff is
> ongoing, with more staff now speaking out.  The predictive
> programming of the 2012 opening ceremony of the London Olympics is
> exposed, revealing how the whole Coronavirus scenario was played
> out, with viruses, a giant, huge numbers of children in beds,
> dancing nurses and doctors, hand-washing and an irradiated baby.*
> * *And Obama now joins the list of people who seem to have known all
> about this plannedemic.  He talked about in 2014.  A
> Spanish-speaking woman in New York admitted for “Coronavirus”
> accuses the hospital of killing patients with lethal injections
> before dying herself.*
> * *An Australian NGO confronts the lying of the Australian Chief
> Medical officer, who has assured the public that 5G is completely
> safe, echoing the lie of ICNIRP.  WHO is now putting out its own
> propaganda about the connection bdtween Coronavirus and 5G,
> assuring the public that viruses cannot be carried on radio waves.
> Well, no one suggested they could. What many of us are suggesting
> – on the basis of solid scientific evidence consisting of at least
> 31K studies – is that the symptoms are not being caused by any
> virus but by electromagnetic radiation.  That would account for
> why everything about Coronavirus is unprecedented and leaving
> doctors scratching their heads.  The UK regulator Ofcom smacks
> David Icke and a television presenter for talking about the
> connection between 5G and “Coronavirus” and repeats the ICNIRP lie
> that there is no evidence that 5G causes cancer.  Anyone want to
> sue them?*
> * *More celebrities are speaking out about 5G – today it was Woody
> Harrelson*
> * *The Truth About Vaccines – a free online educational series with
> 60 experts starts this week, 22
> April:***https://go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/?ref=c164057b-c7e0-49f9-9b4d-8d450f604dbc
> <go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/?ref=c164057b-c7e0-49f9-9b4d-8d450f604dbc>

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