5G – Coronavirus Briefing 28 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 28 April 2020*

*/As the plannedemic plot thickens, so the resistance strengthens/*

*Once again, there is a lot of information here on all aspects of the
developing conspiracy by the kleptocratic elites to suppress humanity
and carry out their intended population cull.  But they are being
thwarted by the constant stream of exposes coming principally from
doctors, but also from numerous independent journalists, as well as
highly competent citizen journalists making videos.  Switzerland and the
UK have clamped down on mention of the connection between 5G and
“coronavirus”, which becomes ever clearer by the day,as the symptoms of
the supposed coronavirus become ever more anomalous, unprecedented and
“mysterious”, and the medical treatments customarily used continue to
fail in the case of this very odd “virus”.  More birds die, in
particular a mass death on the decks of a cruise ship, although we are
not informed which one so we cannot know if, like the quarantined cruise
ships, it had full 5G on board.*

* *Doctors around the world continue to speak out.  Another
hard-hitting interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar, this time with
LondonReal’s Brian Rose.  And another video from ICU Dr Kyle-Siddell
that I missed earlier.  I hear that Kyle-Siddell lost his job
because of speaking out about the mistreatment of patients with
ventilators.  And Dr Sircus asks if we should be trusting world
health “authorities”.  Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize-winner,
has no doubt that the coronavirus was artificially created in a
laboratory.  Meanwhile, Dr. Shiva is wading in on the political side
fo the plannedemic.  All health professionals agree that it is
ludicrous to keep people locked up to stop a pandemic because we
need herd immunity and keeping ourselves in a sterile environment
weakens our immune systems.*
* *Other health professionals are bringing their grave concerns to the
public.  **Jean-Jacques Crèvecœur did a live session on the
plannedemic and a nurse in the US tells us that her colleague in New
York has said that the hospitals there are murdering patients.*
* *Around the world, people are encouraging breaking the lockdowns. 
In the UK, Piers Corbyn is calling on people to defy the lockdown on
Friday, 1 May.  Journalist Peter Hitchens advises UK citizens to
seek a judicial review of the lockdown in the High Court because the
1984 Public Health act was never designed to be used so sweepingly. 
And he suggests that campaigners ensure that the government has to
pay for the judicial review.  And from Australia, Max Igan is saying
that we must defy the lockdown in order to save the world economy
before we end up with massive problems and deaths through the utter
chaos that will otherwise ensue.  In the US, there are also calls
for people to “stand for health freedom”.  From France, Gregory
urges us to break the lockdown for the sake of those in less
privileged circumstances in Africa, who may starve if we let the
world economy collapse.  Warnings about food shortages are
multiplying, with a dire warning in today’s /Briefing/ from the CEO
of Tyson foods and discussion of the implications of Russia’s export
quotas for wheat.*
* *Pushback is happening, with people taking the Irish government to
court, and the Belgian authorities putting a hold on the 5G
rollout.  Switzerland, however, is still full speed ahead with the
rollout (and the earlier report of a national moratorium was fake
news).  People in Australia and Germany clash with police as they
defy the lockdown.  And increasing numbers of people question the
legitimacy of the plannedemic and the numbers used to justify it.*
* *After the study showing a clear correlation between 5G and
“coronavirus” published in the last /Briefing/, in today’s Magda
Havas tells us that the incidence of cases of Covid-19 is 95% higher
in US states with 5G already in operation.*
* *Anna Von Reitz warns that the banks may be making ready to seize
* *We have two more reports of massive numbers of dead birds, across
Europe, and found dead on the decks of a cruise ship.  Such events
are termed mysteries, as are the deaths of several British children
in recent days, with more never-before-seen symptoms, as has become
typical with so-called coronavirus – that nothing about it is
typical at all.*
* *A document on the space aspect of the 5G rollout provides useful
detail on the infrastructure and its intended purposes.*
* **And last but not least, more documents to protect you from being
forced to accept vaccines.**

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