Data analysis – Magda Havas – Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher in US states with 5G

Dear all

From 22 April: Environmental Health trust – Magda Havas:

The average (mean) number of covid-19 tests per 1 million people is
similar for the *have* (with 5G) and *have not* (without 5G) *states*. 
*Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher* and *covid-19 deaths per
million are 126% higher* in states with 5G.  Whether these results are
due to some factor other than 5G and whether this association will
persist as time goes on remains to be seen.

Pretty conclusive!  I think we have clinched the whole thing now.  All
we need is to keep pushing until all of this is stopped.



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