China’s covert war on the US (Trump/Biden)

> *China’s covert war on the US (Trump/Biden) – and its implications for
> the future of your children*
> There is a complete media blackout on the US stolen election. It’s
> time to make known some of what is going on, for anyone who does not
> yet know.
> Very briefly, the global putsch (aka The Great Reset) is being carried
> out under cover of socialism and environmentalism and the World
> Economic Forum and the UN are in the vanguard of orchestrating it. The
> idea is a monetary pivot to Asia, with China as the new model for
> technocracy and human enslavement through 5G (Internet of
> Things/Minds/Bodies).  It is being sold on the basis of the
> non-existent anthopogenic climate change and the Green New Deal, which
> is actually about depopulation and enslavement.
> In reality, the global putsch is just the final step in the
> olgarchical takeover of everything.  All central banks except four are
> now Rothschild-controlled and all that is happening now is the final
> step, which entails the genocide of most of the human population, the
> imprisonment in “smart” city prisons of those who are allowed to live
> as cyborgs under the control of the oligarchs, and their ownership by
> means of patenting after their genetic modification by the “Covid”
> “vaccine”.
> Central to this putsch is the destruction of America, which is
> ongoing. It started with the George Floyd psyop/Soros colour
> revolution of Antifa / Black Lives Matter, which was funded  by 269
> major corporations and has nothing to do with any grassroots activism
> or issues of skin colour.
> The destruction of America is also ensured by the coup d’etat of this
> stolen election, the purpose of which is to appoint the massively
> corrupt Biden as president.  He and his son are fully bought and paid
> for by the Chinese Communist Party and so-called Democrats in the US
> are engaged in treason against the US in collaborating to destroy
> their own country  (see explanatory French interview, attached).
> A cursory examination of what has gone on shows that Trump won by a
> landslide, but the voting machines, which turn out to be
> Chinese-controlled, switched the votes to Biden, whose rallies only
> attracted handfuls of voters.  And there were many other anomalies,
> being addressed now in a whole series of lawsuits.  The media are
> controlled by the conspirators and not reporting any of this, and
> yesterday Youtube announced that it would be systematically deleting
> the accounts of anyone discussing the theft of the election.  Twitter
> and Fakebook have been similarly deleting any news about what is going on.
> It now appears that the electoral college voting scheduled for 14
> December will be postponed to January 2021 while the lawsuits move
> forward.  It also appears that the US military has been activated to
> defend the Republic.  There are questions about where the loyalties of
> the military will lie, but military-connected people believe that,
> although traitors were appointed to command the military, the rank and
> file will stand with President Trump and the constitution.  It appears
> that Trump controls the special forces and the Space Force.  The CIA
> is a rogue organisation, which anyone will have known already for
> decades if they have done a modicum of research.  And it is said that
> Gina Hasperl was either shot in Frankfurt, Germany during a standoff
> between US military special operations and the CIA while trying to
> hide electoral sabotage and treason, or that she has turned
> whistleblower now that she knows the game is up and her treasonous
> activities are known.
> Meanwhile, to muddy the waters further, it turns out that the Pfizer
> vaccine has been developed by Pfizer and a Germany company called
> BioNTech, working in tandem with with Fosun Pharmaceutical from
> Shanghai, China
> (
> <>, 14
> mins) to make a biological weapon.  So the Chinese attack is
> two-pronged, to steal the election and control the US, and to cripple
> and/or kill the US population.
> I note here that I do not hold the Chinese people responsible for this
> attack.  China is a dictatorship.
> Final word: it goes without saying that if America falls, we can kiss
> goodbye to freedom and the human species forever.  This election
> battle is a battle for the future of the planet.  Note that I am not a
> Trump supporter and never have been – I have always kept an open
> mind.  But now the Great Game is being played out fully in the open
> and you have a choice as a human being.  You can continue being a
> slave and listening to the lies of the mainstream media and you can
> continue to be complicit in genocide by wearing a mask and watching as
> your society, your economy and your children’s future are destroyed,
> while minding your Ps and Qs because you “want a quiet life”.  Or you
> can wake up, smell the coffee and understand that this is a war on
> humanity that has been openly declared by Klaus Schwab and his
> megalomaniac oligarch friends at the World Economic Forum.  They have
> infiltrated all governments and all institutions, they control the UN
> entirely, including the World Health Organization.  They control the
> International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the Bank of
> International Settlements.  They control everything.  And they intend
> to destroy everything – life as you have known it will never be the
> same again, and they will destroy the entire planet if they go ahead
> with the 5G rollout because it is this technology that enables
> everything they want.  *Unless you stand up for your freedom and for
> future generations now, it is over for humanity.*
> A few possible sources of information (newsletter subscription
> available) and please do your own research outside the presstitute
> media (which means stopping searching the Internet using Google, and
> making the effort to go to alternative video channels such as
> brandnewtube, brighteon and bitchute (Vimeo is censoring):
> Epoch Times:
> <>
> UK Column News (it’s a global agenda so anything about the global
> putsch reported in the UK will be happening the same in your country):
> <>
> 21st Century Wire:
> <>
> James Corbett:
> <>
> Mike Adams (the Health Ranger):
> <>
> Simon Parkes (British commentator with strange antecedents):
> <>
> Jeffrey Prather (former US intelligence officer):
> Robert David Steele (former US intelligence officer):
> <>

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