Near unanimity against the vaccine

So much for the bullshit coming from the mainstream media! <>

A miserable 7% trust the World Health Organization.  Obviously no one
has yet told them about Tedros the terrorist or his prior propensity to
engage in genocide. Or indeed his being the favoured candidate of the
Chinese who are the stooges behind this global putsch as the banksters
make their pivot to Asia.  Oh, well, if 92.88% don’t trust WHO, that’s
pretty good, but we should work to ensure it reaches 100% as soon as
possible.  I know!  What about taking over the television station as in
V for Vendetta and announcing the truth to the world about the global
putsch and the murderous genocidists ?  Denouncing them all?  I can’t
wait.  Maybe that’s what Trump will do.  One can only hope and pray. 
And I do so long to see the evil Gates and Soros cleaning toilets …

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 00.16.28.png

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