More nausea-inducing information that you have to know – DARK JOURNALIST – CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: WORLD IN CRISIS!

Heigh ho.  Another day, another video revealing information that you
have to know but which makes you feel sick with horror.

Dark Journalist interviewing the wonderful Catherine Austin Fitts, one
of the most amazing women on this planet.  She pieces the whole picture
together so that you understand what is going on and how everything fits
into the jigsaw:

* Proves that you ignore what is going on in space at your peril.
* Explains how the imminent dollar collapse will mean that all the
assets of all Americans will be called in to meet the debt.
* Explains how the Treasury, the election process and the military
have all been privatised in preparation for the new world digital
currency and rule by fiat.
* The “va((ines” won’t fully show the damage they have wrought until
6-18 months later.
* The “va((ines” are the operating system that is needed so that the
whole human race can be controlled from space satellites.  [This is
why the perpetrators (all governments and their leaders) must get
every single person va((inated by any and all means necessary].

NOT happy viewing, but absolutely vital if we are going to stop this
agenda in its tracks.

CRISIS!*:  (1
hour 11 minutes)

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 19.47.54.png

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