The 5G/Covid connection: “Covid” has been predicted ​ for decades

The 5G:Covid connection-
Don’t let anyone have you believe that any connection between “Covid” and 5G is a “conspiracy theory”. In fact, doctors and scientists have been writing appeals to governments and international institutions for decades asking them to roll back public exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Here is a list of some of them. Professor Olle Johansson tells us that even before 5G we are 1 quintillion times above natural background radiation. Would we withstand an assault of air pressure 1 quintillion times above normal? Of course not!

Below is a selection of literature, articles and quotations to show you how far back this problem goes. Browse through and you will begin to understand why scientists call public exposure to ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation “the biggest biological experiment in human history” and predict the imminent annihilation of all life on earth if we fail to act right now to stop wireless technology.

“Covid” is, in fact, the warning sign that it is rapidly becoming too late and it is our chance to get educated about this danger and put a stop to wireless technology – yes, all wireless technology because this is not just about 5G – right now.

You have been lied to.  By international organizations, by governments, by the regulatory agencies, by health institutions, by the telecommunications companies, and yes, also by people who are supposed to be campaigning for a safe environment. Campaigners who would have you believe that you can protect yourself from this all-encompassing assault – blanketing every square inch of the earth – by wearing a shungite pendant or getting a bed canopy are betraying all life on our beautiful planet. You may be able to afford to protect your home, but what are all the people who cannot afford to protect their homes going to do? What are the children going to do? What are the birds going to do? What are the bees, the trees, the soil biome, the ocean life going to do? How are you going to have food when it is no longer possible to grow it? We are playing with fire. We are not only jeopardising all life terrestrially, but jeopardising the earth’s global electric circuit, with likely catastrophic consequences.

Read, learn and take action – yesterday!
This is a real planetary emergency and worse than anything in known human history.
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