Latest news from For Life on Earth

Latest news from For Life on Earth
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The amount of information pouring out of everywhere can be overwhelming. When you want to find out about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, 5G, and wireless technology, or “Covid” and the so-called vaccines, where do you begin?

In order to help you find your way through the fog of information, I have organised the For Life on Earth website thematically. Of course, everything is connected so there is crossover with all these topics, but I hope that the various themes will help you find your way through the information labyrinth to an understanding of the core issues. 

If you go to the “Site Map” page, you will see that new entries appear at the top of the list of items in each category. On each page of the website, the most recent additions appear at the top of the page, except in the case of pages where such chronological order is not relevant, for example, health protocols or recommended reading.
Keep checking back because I am adding information all the time.
And check out the ClaireEdwardsUncensored video channel:
And check out UK Column News ( and the Richie Allen Show ( for updated reports on the global putschists’ latest manoeuvres. It’s a global agenda: whatever they do in one country you know they are doing it in all countries.
Go to and click on the image to link to the article or video
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Go to and click on the images to open the article or video
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