Australia descends into tyranny & chaos

Message from Craig Kelly, MP, Independent Member  for Hughes, New South Wales, Australia: What happened to our Australia? DEMOCRACY?

What has happened to our Australia?

Freedoms and Liberties that were our birthright, won and secured for us at places like Beersheba, Fromelles, Villers-Bretonneux, Tobruk , the Coral Sea, Milne Bay, Kokoda, Kapyong, Long Tan –

and thousands of other places  HAVE BEEN STOLEN by unelected fascist medical bureaucrats, who contrary to the science, have established a Bio-medical Security State where they rule.

And these medical bureaucrats are implying they MIGHT restore our freedoms if we submit to them, and inject ourselves with an experimental genetic agent, that has zero long term safety,

and for the latest evidence shows has near zero efficacy at preventing covid infections, and zero efficacy at preventing those injected from spreading the virus.

And all this is endorsed and supported by BOTH the LABOR & LIBERAL Parties.

Who ever authorised Victorian police officers to point firearms at unarmed protestors and shoot projectiles at them, must resign. Immediately.

When the same police force that ‘takes a knee’ to Marxist BLM protestors – but points firearms and shoot projectiles at freedom protestors – what the hell has happened to our country?

Victorian Police’s Day of Shame

The dictator Dan Andrew has turned the streets of Melbourne into what you’d expect in tin pot totalitarian dictatorship in the third world.

Imagine a society so sick, where people have turned into such snitches, that they ‘’report’’ two children jumping on a trampoline in their own backyard, because they are not wearing a useless mask.

But that’s where the Labor & Liberal parties have taken our nation – hoping to win the snitches’ vote.


Australian police fire rubber bullets on Melbourne crowd.png
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Australia runs mass child sacrifice Luciferian vaccine ritual targeting 24,000 children (WARNING- GRAPHIC).png
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Over 70 NSW Police Blow The Whistle on COVID-19 Fraud and Global Tyranny.png
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