Energy weapon targeting La Palma could trigger a tsunami that could strike in 3-6 hours and kill millions

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Energy weapon targeting La Palma could trigger a tsunami and kill millions
We know these weapons exist.  We know they have been used before.  We know that there is an ongoing, intentional genocide aimed at the Christian countries.  Already, up to 5 million people may have been murdered by the deathvaxx with many more millions yet to die.  Genocide is genocide and the oligarchs are set on taking out as many people as they possibly can by any means available.  Their stated aim is to reduce the world’s population to 500 million people.  In that, they will not succeed, but …
It looks like La Palma is being targeted by an energy weapon designed to deliver 500 km3 of rock into the Atlantic, which could wipe out America’s east coast, as well as the coasts of West Africa, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Britain and Scandinavia.
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) map: (zoom in on La Palma to see the regular, artificial grid pattern)  It would be a good idea for them to explain the regularity of these patterns, which are not replicated elsewhere on their maps, where earthquake patterns are irregular and random.
La Palma earthquake grid.png
La Palma Mega This is based on the Ward and Day scenario of 500 km3 of rock falling into the Atlantic:  (and see article at
(Heights in metres)
France and UK.png
North America.png
Propagation across Atlanti to US in 7-9 hours.png
Similar to Japan 2011 tsunami but 100 times more coastline.png
Odds increased by energy weapon.png
La Palma landslide tsunami: calibrated wave source and assessment of impact on French territories, 10 Nov 2020 – based on 80 km3 scenario. HOWEVER:
On the other hand, the extreme scenario of 450 km3 as studied in Ward and Day (2001), Løvholt et al. (2008), Abadie et al. (2012), and Tehranirad et al. (2015) has not been computed in the present. This extreme scenario, however, remains possible as evidenced by the volumes of the deep water deposits identified in Masson et al. (2002) around this archipelago. Nevertheless, we focused on the 80 km3 as it is consistent with the size of the deposits identified at the toe of the volcano, possibly corresponding to its last massive flank collapse (about 300 000 years ago).
La Palma landslide tsunami- calibrated wave source and assessment of impact on French territories, 10 Nov 2020.png
La Palma Tsunami Map / Tsunami Map For La County Details Hazard Levels Nbc Los Angeles : The collapse of the western flank of the cumbre vieja:
Time to coastal strikes.png
La Palma volcano eruption: Summary news October 11
Cumbre Vieja showing few signs of slowing down
The swifter flow of lava from the Cumbre Vieja eruption means that the affected area has now grown to 595 hectares, according to local reports. Experts are unsure how long the eruption may last, but estimate anywhere between one and two months, or perhaps even longer.
European Forest Fire Information Service
This map also shows a regular grid pattern. Is this just the result of the way the data is collected by satellite or does it signify yet another genocidal conspiracy?  Some of these taxpayer-funded “authorities” that we all trust so much (not!) should explain this:
Twitter european Forest Fire InformationSystem.png
Twitter European Forest Fire Informations system map.png
FLOE small 1.png
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