LATEST NEWS FROM “FOR LIFE ON EARTH”: Becoming a non-vaxxed unperson in Lithuania

LATEST NEWS FROM FOR LIFE ON EARTH: Becoming a non-vaxxed unperson in Lithuania
This is such an important message.  It tells the story of a Lithuanian man and his wife and family now that Lithuania has introduced the totalitarian vaxxine pass.  They have lost their jobs.  They have very little money left and may not be able to survive the winter.  They are not allowed to buy anything.  They now buy basic food from people on the street, the way it was in communist times.  They cannot buy clothes for their children.  They cannot repair their home because they are not allowed into a hardware store.  And people in the media are wishing for them to die.
It’s not much of a choice, is it?  In order to keep your job and remain a part of society, you have to take a non-vaxxine, a gene-editing product which contains indestructible living octopus-like hydras that will take over your brain with their own neural network, sentient AI black goo given the cover name of graphene oxide that will make you into a cyborg susceptible to manipulation and termination by the NWO, nanoparticles of all sorts, and nano-sized razor blades that will tear your capillaries apart. And your Russian roulette with the non-vaxxine – if it does not kill you within a few days – will leave you crippled for life, with horrific tremors and neurological symptoms that leave you unable to function normally for even one second.  Would any sane person choose this option?  I don’t think so.

Yes, they will install their digital ID machinery with the same deeply compassionate humanitarianism that they demonstrate via their so-called “Covid Passes”…
Here is thread #1 from a Lithuanian man who describes living under the new “Covid Pass” tyranny in Lithuania…
With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society.
We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist.
But we will not accept authoritarianism.
Here’s how life looks after one month in Lithuania, under Europe’s first strict, society-wide Covid Pass regime:
full thread here:
… image from #14 in his thread…

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