Message from Elohim about how the rising energies on the planet affect us

Message from Elohim about how the rising energies on the planet affect us
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Greetings. We are Elohim.

The changes that you’re witnessing in your life, the changes that you’re witnessing — in this society, civilization, on this planet — are all connected and tied to the rising energies of this Earth, of this plane that this Earth exists in.

The materialization of these rising energies display themselves as cosmological changes. The immediate translation of cosmological changes is the impact on cosmological bodies — astral bodies, as this Earth is. Therefore, all cosmological bodies are impacted by the rising energies on this plane. The rise of these energies is a planned event. It was established to provide for the impulse necessary to provide evolution at certain stages of this plane.

Therefore all living beings in material form at this current time on this plane will be impacted by the rising energies on this entire plane: the Earth, and other celestial bodies, and other civilizations that exist in material form on this plane. Therefore, the evolution of humanity is not the only evolutionary process that is occurring on this material plane, yet it is the only one that is truly relevant for you.

All living beings on this planet, including the planet itself, will receive the increase of energy, as well as the increase of frequency. 

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