UPDATE: The FLOE Show 10: Hydra Vulgaris is an operating system in a human clone experiment to breed new hubrid race

Dr. Ariyana Love joined the FLOE Show yesterday to break the news that the Hydra Vulgaris that has been found in the Pfizer vaxxine is part of an operating system to take over the human body and connect it to the Internet of Bodies. The Hydra Vulgaris has been combined with bacteria, and gold nanoparticles drive the HV into the cells, with the particular targets being the ovaries and the testes. The purpose is to produce a new species of human, a hubrid. Many babies of this species have already been born: they have completely black eyes and they develop much faster than human babies: https://www.brighteon.com/05edd906-20a3-410d-995c-df66561a249a.
There has been a message from the Pleiadians confirming what Dr. Ariyana Love has revealed from her reading of about 30 scientific studies: https://swaruu.org/transcripts/new-analysis-vaccines-samples-analyzed-aneeka-of-temmer-shares-the-findings (German version at bottom of page).
Below is a message I received from a correspondent today about a visitation she had from two Pleiadians.  This message fits in with what Susan Ashley said on the FLOE Show.  It is clear that we humans have to take responsibility to clear this mess up ourselves. We allowed this to happen and it is up to us to now take responsibility and put it right.  All governments are part of this conspiracy to depopulate the world and usher in this new slave species and they are working with the real perpetrators of all this. It is vital that humans who have not taken the vaxx protect themselves from the vaxxed because they are transmitting on a non-human frequency. Does this have something to do with part of this agenda being to produce a third strand of DNA for the connection to wireless technology? The upshot is that we MUST stop the wireless technology agenda, including 5G, because all of this agenda depends on it.  That means also getting rid of these killer cell phones.  And if the vaxxed want to survive, they must immediately protect themselves from smartphones and all wireless technology.
Above Human technology in the vials

I also found this made sense regarding why the Galactic Federation hasn’t stepped in
I was woken up just now at 12 AM to work on music and as I sat there immersed in my work, I saw three white beings standing to my right. They were very peaceful and silently observing me, waiting for me to notice them. As I looked at them and greeted them they introduced themselves as the ‘Tall Whites’ – they are a race of  Pleiadians who have ascended their consciousness to the sixth density.
I asked them what message they bring to humanity and they said this:
“We are a very advanced civilization and we possess terraforming technologies that can clean up the mess created on Earth within a very short period of time. This however would cause humanity to miss the lesson of responsibility. The human species need to learn how to respect and honour their planet that has provided for them since the inception of time. She has sacrificed herself by allowing her consciousness to vibrate at a lower 3D frequency to unconditionally hold space for humanity as they needed time to evolve. However she has sacrificed enough now and her wish is now to move forward in her ascension to a 5D frequency of heavenly bliss. This means that those who disrespect the planet with their vibrations of greed and selfishness will no longer be able to live on this planet moving forward.

Gaia is tuning in currently to the 5th dimension of consciousness the same way you tune your radio dial to change the station. In this case the radio dial is the rotational axis of earth. The  Pleiadians are currently in the process of changing the rotational axis of Earth so that she can be Dailed into the 5th dimension within the space time continuum that your planet occupies. By changing the axis rotation, we can change the electromagnetic signature emitted by the planet which in turn tunes the planet and its inhabitants into a higher dimension of existence. The majority of the population will not be consciously aware of what is taking place, but these changes are very significant and very real. Those with their third eyes open are able to see these dimensional changes in consciousness in the events currently unfolding on Earth.

The way humanity desecrates their planet, is the same way they desecrate their own bodies. As within so without. If you don’t respect your own bodies, how can you be expected to respect your planet? You see your bodies are a reflection of the planet as a whole. You are made up of the matter of Earth, therefore you are inseparable from Earth, the same way an infant is inseparable from the Mother. It is a sacred bond that cannot be broken. When you desecrate your bodies by eating harmful foods that contain toxins, you are diminishing your life force. Honour your body as if it is a gift of god entrusted in your care. Take care of your bodies by giving them plenty of sunshine, healthy foods, plentiful clean water and exercise. Your body is the vehicle through which you will ascend.

Learn how to respect your planet and create your existence in a way that is sustainable and harmonious to the cycles of this planet. You will receive immense rewards of heavenly bliss as you fine tune your ways to a new way of living that honours the land and all life within it.

We love you immensely and we thank you for allowing us to share our knowledge and wisdom with you”

And having said that they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. This JUST happened moments ago and I immediately paused to capture this experience in words so that I could capture the true essence of the experience.

What a wake up call this is from our Galactic Family! I am still basking in the loving energy and the glow of peaceful white light they have left in the wake of their presence.

The energies are getting intense now. Have a peaceful night and sweet dreams dearly beloveds <3

Much Love,

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The FLOE Show 10: Hydra Vulgaris is an operating system in a human clone experiment to breed new hubrid race
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