How long are we going to go on on letting our children be slaughtered?

Guilt unpunished, sadness unabated: Aberfan 55 years on
Fifty-five years ago, on 21 October 1966, 150,000 cubic metres of debris and a 30ft high black water-saturated ‘tsunami’ of mining sludge raced down a Welsh hillside at Aberfan, at a speed estimated to be in excess of 80 miles per hour.  It destroyed the local school and killed 116 children aged between seven and 11, five teachers, and 23 local people,  when their homes and school were engulfed.  Several warnings had been issued in recent years, but the National Coal Board and the Labour government did nothing. No one was ever punished, no one demoted, no one resigned. The Queen of England was so uninterested that she only visited the site under public pressure after eight days had passed.
Now more murderers are poised not just to kill 116 children, but to kill millions of children by injecting them with an experimental, gene-editing toxic sludge full of graphene oxide and millions of unkillable Hydra Vulgaris living creatures genetically modified to meld with bacteria and parasites. Are you going to stand by and just let this happen?  Are you going to let these murderous, satanic politicians and so-called “health care” advisers get away with this?
If not, please write comments to that effect under this article:  You can use Fakebook, Google or Twitter to do so.
NEVER AGAIN!  It is time to stand up for our children and for the human race.
Rest in Peace
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