Warning from Italy: Meloni government raising EMR limits?

Warning from Maurizio Martucci in Italy.  The Meloni government is considering raising the electromagnetic radiation exposure limits in view of a rapid and full deployment of 5G.  Well, what did everyone expect?  Oh, come on, you surely didn’t expect a prime minister who would do anything to protect people, did you?  It’s all rhetoric and you fall for it – yes, again! – and then get kicked in the teeth.  When ARE people going to learn?

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Italian Alliance Stop 5G
Meloni government: more electrosmog for all, raise ‘limits to 30V/m, despite concerned citizens’
“Raising the current limits set at 6V/m, while remaining well below the European limit of 60V/m, e.g. 30V/m, would guarantee the improvement of the quality of service (in terms of coverage) right from the start, with positive effects on citizens in terms of voice and data, reducing the economic impact on operators”. And again: “Increasing the current limits while remaining below European emission values would have the dual advantage of reassuring the most fearful citizens and meeting their justified concerns in the technical consideration that the more the power of pylons increases, the less the mobile devices that every citizen carries will emit. Finally, a full and rapid deployment of 5G’.
These are some of the passages in the draft of the Telecommunications Law Decree being studied by the Meloni government: 5 billion euros to support telephone companies, acceleration of 5G, but above all an increase in the electromagnetic threshold limits up to 30 V/m. This is what we read in the text that intends to re-evaluate, by increasing them, the limits of 0irradiation of possible carcinogenic agents in the air: On the proposal of the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, in agreement with the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security and the Minister of Health, provision is made in areas where it is necessary to increase the reference values referred to in the previous paragraph, in line with the development policies of European Union countries, the indications of the European Commission and the ICNIRP guidelines on limits of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Ignoring what the scientific evaluation may have been to identify 30 V/m as the new limit, one cannot but emphasise how it is once again attempting to completely ignore the peer-reviewed updates available in the biomedical literature in the numerous scientific evidences, which indeed demonstrate non-thermal biological effects well below 6 V/m, even very serious and up to tumour forms, This is also the reason for the recommendations already contained in the Reports of the Bioinitiative Group, the European Parliament’s Resolution of 2009 and the Council of Europe’s Assembly Resolution 1815 of 2011, in which national governments are urged to lower the legal limits to 0.6 V/m in the immediate term and 0.2 V/m in the long term, given that effects on living organisms can already be manifested at values of 0.002 V/m.

In order to denounce the serious dangers of electromagnetic pollution in the implementation of the unexplored 5G wireless technology, lacking preliminary studies and prior health opinion required indeed by the Health Reform Law No. 833 of 1978, always Alleanza Italiana Stop 5G on 1 October 2019 participated in a workshop in the European Parliament (speaker also Prof. Martin Pall of Washington University – USA) and on 5 November 2019 at the Aula dei Gruppi Parlamentari of the Chamber of Deputies then held the international conference entitled “National Moratorium, 5G between health risks and the precautionary principle”, with the participation of some of the world’s leading experts on the subject, including Dr. Annie J. Sasco (22 years of work at the IARC of which 9 years as team leader and then head of the epidemiology unit for cancer prevention), Prof. Olle Johansson (neuroscientist formerly of the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska Institute) and doctors Dr. Marc Arazi (France) and Dr. Patrizia Gentilini (oncologist, ISDE Italy, Democratic Medicine).

This is also why the debate on 5G is heated within the European Commission, where the Panel on the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) on 7 December 2020 seriously questioned the reliability of the policies dictated by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). In the session at the Scientific Foresight Unit of the European Parliament, the official body composed of parliamentary members through which assessments of science and new technologies are defined – at EU level – to identify long-term strategies useful to the EU commissions in their decision-making role, Arno Thielens of Ghent University – imec, Ghent (Belgium) in fact stated how the ICNIRP produces a partial and not comprehensive documentation of the available biomedical literature, the part on the impact on the ecosystem (flora, fauna), while for Frenchman Gerard Ledoigt of the Clermont Université, Clermont-Ferrand, non-ionising wave radio frequencies represent ‘a toxicity and ICNIRP is not adequate for the study, we need a moratorium on 5G for an independent study to clarify the affects’, as well as Elisabeth Cardis of the Spanish Global Radiation Programme at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, stated that we are ‘running out of research on measurement protocols, exposure, as well as in vivo and in vitro experiments to assess the impact of the 5G network on health ′′.

In order to avert the electromagnetic coup, in 2021 activists of the Italian Stop5G Alliance also launched a hunger strike (135 adherents in relay for 18 days), demonstrations and sit-ins in cities, a two-week garrison under Palazzo Montecitorio, and over 64,000 signatures collected on the petition. Tens of thousands followed the interviews on the special Il Golpe Elettromagnetico broadcast on La Casa del Sole Tv.

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