This may be an important warning… Turn off your cellphone Wed. 8/10 at night until Fri 8/12 morning, if you have one.

Verbatim from a colleague in the US – below.

I agree – no one should have a cell/mobile phone and if anyone on this list is stupid enough to have been jabbed, which I think is impossible, then you are allowing yourself to be an easy target since you are now full of graphene oxide and your cell/mobile phone will be used to target and kill you.
“Friends and Colleagues,

I’ve never owned a cellphone, knowing too much about them.  We’re certainly all receiving warnings, all around…so this might be a credible threat.

The below message just came in. Probably a good idea – at least for those in the US – to heed the below advice.

Wrap your phone in multiple layers of foil if you haven’t a Faraday cage – and even if you have one. Who knows what this may be about but you might consider wrapping yourself in protective garments, too.

If you need to use the internet Thursday, use a wired connection.”


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