5G – Coronavirus Briefing 19 April 2020

*Here is the latest edition of the 5G – Coronavirus Briefing, 19 April 2020*

*/All aboard the ship of fools/*

* *The lunatics have taken over the asylum.  A UK minister cries
crocodile tears over a 13-year-old boy who appears to have died of
“Coronavirus” multiple times under multiple names in mulitple
countries. Spain proposes to disinfect the country by plane,
spraying the population – shades of Agent Orange there?  UK private
hospitals have been commandeered by the National Health Service at
great expense for the raging, surging, underwhelming “coronavirus”
plannedemic and staff are sitting around bored.  In the US, hospital
staff are so bored they are choreographing dance routines in their
hazmat suits.  The Pentagon proposed a vaccine for fundamentalists a
few years back that involves deleting spirituality, the idea being
to take advantage of an outbreak of flu.  And Boston (US) homeless
people were found to have tested positive for the virus without
having any symptoms at all!*
* *Dr. Shiva tells us that Covid-19 is being used to shift global
wealth (that’s from us to them, by the way, although I’m sure you
weren’t asking).  Cyrus Parsa gives a terrifying and must-watch
interview on what is in store for us if we fail to reject the 5G /
technocracy / cyborgisation agenda – far worse than any dystopia
imaginable and just not an option AT ALL.  And Daniel Estulin
explains Bill Gates’ guilt in harming millions of third-world people
already with his vaccines aimed at reducing the world population, as
well as the role of WHO in orchestrating the plannedemic in order to
clear the $4 quadrillion of world debt, a task normally done through
war but this time being done through Coronavirus and the vaccine
programme.  He warns that this thing is set to start in earnest in
September, and that it’s really about targeting people to kill large
numbers remotely in order to transition to a new technological
paradigm.  Brendan Murphy asks why the measures that are claimed to
be stopping the spread of the virus are killing people to “save”
them from the virus.*
* *We learn that the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games of
2012 predicted Coronavirus, and the vaccine that Gates is pushing
would permanently alter DNA with totally unknown consequences. 
Showbusiness celebrities – adrenochrome, anyone? – turned out for a
show to raise money for WHO to continue screwing the world despite
Trump’s withdrawal of US support.*
* *On the topic of space, we learn that Trump has made an Executive
Order to encourage commercial mining on the moon, which is illegal
under international law.  The US federal government intends to do
this in collaboration with commercial entities, so the bid to
commodify the world does not stop with the stratosphere, ionosphere
and the Earth orbits, but includes the moon as well.  We also learn
that Musk’s 5G satellites are being rolled out in close and
lucrative collaboration with the US military, and that NATO declared
space a domain of warfare in December 2019, a fact that evidently
did not go unnoticed by Russia, which tested an anti-satellite
weapon that can take out low-Earth-orbit satellites, so precisely
those Starlink satellites, then.  The US, which spends three times
as much on militarizing space as do all other countries combined,
and which instigated the declaration of space as a domain of warfare
by NATO this last December, laughably accused Russia of warmongering!*
* *Protests have erupted around the world, with people showing they
are not going to put up with these lockdowns for much longer, and
some sheriffs and a navy master chief in the US supported them.*
* *The Truth About Vaccines – a free online educational series with 60
experts starts this week, 22

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